17 April, 2024


Horror In Aluthgama: Their Crime; Our Shame

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“In this country we still have a Sinhala police; we still have a Sinhala army. After today if a single Marakkalaya or some other paraya (alien) touches a single Sinhalese…..it will be their end.” – Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera (Aluthgama – 15.6.2014)[i]

“Call him a Bikkhu who controls his hand, also his feet; who is well controlled, who is happy within himself; who is collected….” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

Gota and BBSIt is a chilling sight. On stage, Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera is raining words of poison and fire. Below, a large crowd, made up of monks and ordinary people, are listening intently. They do not look violent or angry. There is hardly a sign that an hour or so later they will turn into a baying murderous mob. Many of the lay-listeners have their hands together, in the traditional gesture of worship. That and the focused looks on their faces indicate that as far as they are concerned they are listening to not to a political speech but to a religious sermon[ii].

The Jihadists, the Crusaders, the holy warriors are here. And in this place they wear the yellow robe and call themselves Buddhist monks.

All around, the police and the military stand, armed to the teeth, watching and listening. Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera is inciting people to break the law. He threatens and threatens, his words like razor-sharp weapons, fiery missiles. And still the guardians of law and order watch. He is not arrested, produced before a magistrate and put away where he belongs – the jail.

The police are inactive. The law looks dead. The purveyors of hate and violence own the stage.

Holy wars, irrespective of who is fighting whom, are hell. Thanks to the nature of Buddhism – the real thing – this country escaped that hell for most of its history. Not anymore. Sinhala-Buddhism has metamorphosed into the even more bastardised and odious form of Rajapaksa-Buddhism. Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera is its Prophet and Chief Prelate. It is a religion of suspicion and hate, a violent creed and a poisonous one, a faith based on murder and mayhem.

Who Permitted the BBS Rally?

The initial incident – the alleged attack on a Buddhist monk and his driver by three Muslim youths – was an accident. That was the only accident in the bloody tragedy which is being enacted even now. Everything else was non-accidental, deliberate. The BBS instigated the violence. The authorities facilitated the BBS.

After the initial outbreak of violence, calm reigned. And then someone at the top decided to permit the BBS to hold a rally in the still smouldering Aluthgama. That decision could have been made only by a certifiable lunatic or a person to whom law, morality and humanity are totally alien.

Such a momentous decision would not have been made by a police officer; or even the IGP. It would have either originated from or approved by the very top. And at the very top are President Rajapaksa – who from Bolivia tweets vague, Hallmark-type trite messages instead of condemning the violence and the violent – and his brothers. .

The BBS did not hold an illegal rally; they did not hold an illegal demonstration. They were permitted to have their rally and have their demonstration by the authorities. Without that decision Aluthgama would have returned to normal. And innocent lives could have been saved.

What was the aim of the authorities? A little riot? A controlled-riot? A stage-managed riot? A limited Black June? A short sharp lesson to all minorities to mind their words and deeds? A tiny reminder to the Muslims, Tamils and Christians that they live on sufferance? Create a new enemy to divert Sinhala-Buddhist attention? A signal to Narendra Modi and the West that we too are anti-Muslim? Some of this? All of this?

Otherwise why permit the BBS to turn smouldering ashes into an inferno? Why did the police and the STF fail to stop the rioters? Mobs are cowardly. At the first real sign of decisive action by the police and the STF the rioters would have melted away.

I lived through Black July. As a born-and-bred Sinhala-Buddhist I hope I will not have to see that horror happening again, to another minority. But I fear that controlled riots are becoming part of the Rajapaksa arsenal. And someday one of those mini-riots will spiral out of control.

This is no country for minorities; this is no country for decent Sinhalese and Buddhists. This is a moral wasteland and a paradise of lawlessness.

For the violence, for the deaths which have happened and which may happen, the BBS and the Rajapaksas must take responsibility. This is their work. This is their unpardonable crime.

We elected them; we tolerate them. That is our eternal shame.

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      You are literally too stupid to insult. You need a history lesson.

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    Tisaranee Gunasekara – “What was the aim of the authorities? A little riot? A controlled-riot? A stage-managed riot? A limited Black June? A short sharp lesson to all minorities to mind their words and deeds? A tiny reminder to the Muslims, Tamils and Christians that they live on sufferance? Create a new enemy to divert Sinhala-Buddhist attention? A signal to Narendra Modi and the West that we too are anti-Muslim? Some of this? All of this?”

    I too am baffled. If Rajapakses don’t move now to contain these monks, they are GONE!

    All to do with trying to compromise Chinese capital floating free around on our Island, and the true nature of the masses (the Sinhalese-Buddhist who actually remain in the Island and are not in e.g. USA).

    And when Rajapakese GO, they will be replaced by UNP persons (who presently require job creation). There then ends the right of the Sinhala-Buddhist majority(who reside in Lanka and are not in the USA.

    For when UNP takes over, the USA Sinhala-Buddhists will be beating their breasts in pride and boasting : “Sinhala-Buddhism has been fulfilled through us; we the more evolved and upright persons of Mother-Lanka.”

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    There is a deafening silence form the Ambassadors of Muslim countries
    Not a word from Pakistan which helped the Rajapakse regime to anililate the Tamils.
    If only Saudia open its mouth and say to Sri Lanka to stop this nonsence or else we will send all the nanies, which incidentally send a substantal foreign exchange, back home.
    The US Embassy has made a statement so why are the Muslim Embassies silent. Beats me.

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    it is encouraging to see there are good number of right thinking people among majority. the 1983 troubles ultimately brought a foreign army which was an insult to JR who was compelled to invite them. he was silent for several days and finally thrown out of power. now even the UNP does not talk about him.all these lessons are totally forgotten. as somebody said the lesson of history is that people do not learn anything from history. attacking the innocent muslims will not bring in any benefits to the sinhalese or the country. what is shocking is the total inaction and silence of the law enforcement authorities. 1983 troubles was one of the factors which helped the growth of tamil militancy.

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    Do we not have a decent maha nayaka, who condemnthis barbarism!

    There is a law to handle crime. What has innocent Muslim men women kids done to Sinhalese. Aren’t their blood has the same color as us. Are they not Mothers Fathers and sons,

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    It was a relief that you haven’t mentioned LTTE.
    But turning to the Breaking News on hand

    Not many Sinhalese share your view “Their Crime” “our Shame” as the vast Majority including Gotha I am sure who is the patron of BBS are rejoicing .
    The picture you have posted was the one taken when they were AUDITIONING for the showdown with the Muslims.

    Up to now it was “Tamil Suffering” “Sinhalese Pleasure” but now “Muslim Suffering and Sinhalese Pleasure”. Two for the price of one.

    ****What was the aim of the authorities? A little riot? A controlled-riot? A stage-managed riot? A limited Black June? A short sharp lesson to all minorities to mind their words and deeds? A tiny reminder to the Muslims, Tamils and Christians that they live on sufferance:

    With election approaching the aim of the authorities is to tell the Racist Sinhala electorate that only the Rajapaksas can turn this land of plenty (Tamil Sinhalese and Muslims) into Land of One (Sinhalese)a fete not achieved even by Gemunu. The Rajapaksas were within striking distance but not anymore. The countries who are to blame for this in the order Pakistan, Malaysia , Bangladesh and Saudi who despite all the Muslim suffering supported Sinhala Lank at the UN.

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      Kali ,this is not true. Majority of Sinhalese would hang their headline shame. But, will do nothing. What may be true is, that mixing blood lines with minorities , or whatever would be the only hope for Sinhala Buddhists as, they seem to be too stupid just now to understand any thing. They get duped by Tsunami thieves. Maniacs who sponsor these dog Brigades Balu sena and Hela Urumaya thieves. And they use their vote to het rice from the moon!! Stupids need to wake up.

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        What you say might be true but it is no comfort to us when we are faced with this menace and you lot are unable to do anything to stop it. We cant live in fear for ever and something has to give.

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    Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters stood by our Govt as it faced down the LTTE. When our Tamil Intelligence operatives were killed by the LTTE, the Muslims stepped in to fill the vacuum.

    Lest we forget, it it this behavior of the monks, politicians and the citizens egged-on by them that led to our Tamil brothers and sisters taking up arms.

    In History we learn, that we learn NOTHING from History.

    This too will pass.

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    Madam T, you must admired for your forhtright outburst about the orchestrated thuggery by the illiterate Sinhala mobs. What have the puerile Buddhist mobs achieved. THey are boasting and crowing after having torched and looted some small shops of the low income earning Muslims. If Gnanasera and the BBS really want to belittle the Muslim community at large here are SOME proposals for agitation and immediate implementation:
    1. Stop sending Buddhists to all Muslim and Middle East Countries so
    that they will not earn Halal Riyals, eat Halal food, clothe the
    Muslim way etc.
    2. Stop exporting Tea to all Muslim countries.
    3. Stop importing Halal diesel/petrol and other Halal Petroleum
    products which originate from Muslim countries.
    4. Suspend/cancel forthwith all loans received hitherto for large
    develoment Projects
    5. Cancel Extradition Treaties with Malaysia, Iran and other Muslim

    The above proposals will definitely affect the very rich Muslim businessmen and Muslim countries and have an immediate impact on their economies. Why not go ahead.


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    Why nobody is realizing the fact. The fact is wherever Muslims there is war. So don’t just blame the Buddhists.

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      Go back to history and you will know why!

      You Moron.

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    The Sri Lanka Government and the Regime needs this anti-Muslim violence and therefore sustains, permits and directs the BBS. The purpose is two fold:

    1) To gain the sympathy of Modi who in the past had an anti-Muslim stance

    2) If the Muslims take up arms there is the hope of labeling them as Al-Qaeda and thus enable the regime to cosy up to the US

    3) Dictatorships always need their subjects to be in a state of war and turmoil so as to keep the peoples minds off the robbery taking place.

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    Rajapaksa administration has now antagonised all the minorities. Their days are numbered.

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      Their days are not at the last stages, as they are in the process of
      consolidating their “democratic” hold on silly Lankans. The first head-ache were the Tamils. They have been “silenced”. The Muslims are in line.
      Will the Muslim power-hungry lot ever leave? No – a shameless lot. The
      Senior SLFPers are also in a similar frame of mind.

      The question of I/C interferences are nothing. MR got his tutution
      in this direction when he visited Mayanmmar immediately after the war. He
      is following their method in gaining dynasty control, which if Mayanmmar
      could have done whilst being within UN control, why not MR!!! You can
      be rest assured that MR will go forward for a decade with even asking
      the Forces to take control – as already the set-up District-wise is
      available and rules in place for such an event. The sinhala-mind is far
      far away from a ME kind of Spring. MR knows how to tackle JVP. Nothing to be frightened of a UNP as MRs nespotism reigns.

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    What the Regime wants are diversion tactics….for that they would let and would not mind even if any one dies.. Just see …the UN investigations have begun and the Country is now focused on the Aluthgama Anti Muslim Riots….

    Last March we witnessed how the rabid dogs of BBS behaved in order divert the attention from what was taking place at the UN…once the UN meeting was concluded they were silent until day before yesterday…..this is orchestrated by the Govt and the brothers….it is proven beyond doubt…

    Very dangerous people are at the top…this country is ruined.

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    Just reflect on this. Tissainayagam was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sowing communal discord for writing a few articles in an obscure periodical with a negligible circulation.

    But Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thero can travel all over the countryside and spew out gallons of racist venom at public gatherings and not a finger is raised against him by the powers that be!

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    Hi SL Muslims, remember “what goes round comes around”.

    During the 1983 riots the majority of the rioters who killed and looted and burnt Tamil people and their businesses and houses were Muslims from Maradana and Slave Island.

    You Muslims, did it to loot and rob the Tamils and not because the LTTE killed a few Police personnel in Jaffna. This is the main reason why LTTE kicked out all the Muslims from the north. The LTTE knew that the Tamils cannot trust the Muslims.

    Now you can see for yourself that the very same Sinhalese whom you supported and looted and killed the Tamils are looting and killing Muslims!!

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    is the government knows what is going on in the country. is president know what is happening in his backyard. is is it the wish of government or others with antigovernment feeling to create tension between racial religious groups. is is it not known what happen in 1983 leading to all atrocites with killings destruction. what is the action and reaction too LLRC investigations. whoever in charge of law security protection of person property time to wake up realise the responsibilty for the nation civil responsibility for peace protection on going prosperity. are we failing

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    No policeman dares to arrest a Buddhist bhikku.
    Bhikkus know this.
    The mobs who follow them & listen to them know this.

    Nut,police arrest citizens without justifiable cause,assault them,even kill them.The minor judiciary appear to allow.
    We have a military cum police state run by MR,family & cronies.
    State Terrorism has come down south,from the north,with a vengeance,and now wears yellow garments.

    So far,no word as to how three muslims were killed,and by whom.
    No reports of any arrests.

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    If the regime has not learnt from the Black July incident then its sad to say they are not qualified to rule Sri Lanka. Balu Bala Sena was able to hold the rally only with the permission of the Government. This clearly shows that the Government wanted some sort of trouble. They should have known better. July riots enabled Tamils to move to developed countries where they are actively involved in local politics and able to force their governments to be strong against Sri Lanka. July riot is the reason for the UN inquiry today. Has any one thought what would happen if the same happens in Muslim countries where the Muslims in Sri Lanka force these governments to take strong action against Sri Lanka. What would happen to the foreign remittances, what would happen to the support Pakistan is giving Sri Lanka?

    Is our ruling regime so stupid? Is the opposition so weak as to demand the resignation of the Secretary of Defence who is a supporter of Balu Bala Sena and who should have protected the innocent. What are the Muslim parties in Sri Lanka doing being with UPFA? Who is ultimately responsible? What about the Muslim politicians who are sitting on the lap of Rajapakse? Is it time for Muslims to rise up against the Muslim politicians

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      If you look at the Rajapakse brothers game plan is, what they truly intend to do is to get revenge from UNHRC after loosing the vote in Geneva on war crime charges and now UN inspectors are planning to visit Sri Lanka.

      The message Rajapakses send to UNHRC and International community is that they could unleash another 1983 genocidal massacre progrom this time on Muslims and by doing so they could send planes and boat loads of Muslim refugees to West seeking asylun in those countries and by doing so to burden their economies.

      These refugees will be a burden to their economies and could destabilise their progress and social life. This is what the Rajapakses real intention is to take revenge from West.

      Cuba’s Fidel Castro did same to USA by sending boat loads of sick, mad and convicts to USA. Rajapakses plan to do same with Muslims to take revenge for loosing UNHRC vote on war crimes charges.

      Therefore both UNHRC, Madam Navi Pillai and the West should be aware of this Rajapakses Game plan and should be prepared to send in International Troops to Sri Lanka in order to rescue Muslims from another Rajapakses Murder, massacre and genocide.

      Already Rajapakses have murdered three innocent Muslim people and wounded badly over 80 and they will not stop at that.
      Already Rajapakses have blood in their hands and now use BBS Gnanasara thugs to fulfill their ambitions.

      This is the real game plan of Rajapakse Brothers and Company.

      Be aware UNHRC, Madam Navi Pillai and the International community. Rescue the innocent Muslim brothers and sisters before it’s too late from Rajapakse Murderers.

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    Dear Tisaranee,

    You put the whole situation in such chillingly succinct language.

    I admire your courage in standing up to the horrible people who run this country of ours.

    However I disagree sometimes with you and most times with other writers. Many so called Sri Lankan intellectuals call these marauding elements a minority within the Sri Lankan population.

    I disagree. I think hatred of minorities; mostly hatred of Tamils and now the Muslims and Christians is within the psyche of almost all Sri Lankan Sinhalese. The main bonding element among the Sinhala people is the common denominator of hatred of minorities. We live hate, we breathe hate, and we teach our children hatred and even the Buddhist monks have got onto the bandwagon of spreading hatred.

    Though all deaths and destruction going on now against the Muslims should be on the head of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and through complicity on all Rajapaksa brothers, I also hold all Sinhala people complicit in the whole sorry saga.

    I am sorry to say Tissaranee, blood lust is inherent in our Sinhala psyche.

    Ultimately salvation to Sri Lankan Muslims, or for that matter the Tamils or Christians or for that matter even the Sinhala people themselves will come only from overseas. The bloodthirsty Sinhala Buddhist majority, who will continue to govern this country on the common bondage of hatred and blood lust, could never and will never reform themselves.

    • 0

      People have no choice as passengers boarded onto a plane piloted by an unpredicatable nature – MR will not only loot the country but ruin the nation being totally ignorant to law and order issue of the day.

      Hey people wake up and raise the question, whether or not to go for an arab style protest THIS TIME to liberate the nation from SRILANKA’s one and only POLPOT.
      This man s total ignorance towards BBS and the like segments sofar made it worst ..sadly all other dimwits rallied round and supported him are also made accountable for the misery the country faces today. GLP former law professor to go join the relay race is what people never expected to see.

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    This anti Muslim progrom was planned two years ago after BBS was formed by Gnanasara/ Gota/Mahinda trio and after the eight did a trip to both Norway and USA.

    Ever since Gnanasara arrived from the tour, he startd his campaign of hammering against Muslims, halal, hijab, Holy Quran,No limit store, Mosques, muslim shops and hotels and cow slaughtering etc,etc.

    Many CT writers like Tisaranee and the readers then knew what this BBS terror thugs game plan was, and it has come to reality now.

    72 hours before this Aluthgama meeting was held, all Mmuslim ministers, MPs, muslim clergy,and Muslim community have called Government ministers, DIG police, STF and have begged them not to allow this meeting to take plae in Aluthgama. But they kept silent and only had sent more Police and STF personnel for the meeting.

    BBS Gnanasara knew that both STF and Police are mere dogs of Gota who is the defense secretary.

    Also this whole drama was well planned, choreographed and executed by the BBS thugs, Gota’s STF and Rakna Lanka security thugs etc, according to the script written by Pres.Mahinda Rajapakse,his brothers Gota and Basil,and his son Namal and the BBS Gnanasara and his gang. Both Police and the STF were protecting BBS thugs and mobs when they attacked Muslim community. This was told by the residents in Aluthgama.

    This is almost similar to what happened when UNP MPs visiting Mattala Airport and Hambanthota Harbour. No difference at all.

    If anybody listen to the speech Gnanasara gave during the meeting, you will understand what’s about to occur.

    This could also be the beginning of the end of Rajapakse Dynasty and BBS Balu sena.

    In future Rajapakses will not be able to travel to a Muslim country peacefully and they could be harassed by the Muslim community similar to what happened in London, USA, Europe and Canada.
    Also there’s a possibility that Rajapakses could be either arrested or harassed by the Citizens of those countries.

    Rajapakses have already made Sri Lanka a Pariah State. There’s no two words about it. Their dynasty will disappear pretty soon.

  • 0

    I condemn racist muslims everywhere.

  • 3

    My understanding is that there is an overwhelming majority – almost total agreement – on the need to ensure that “minorities know their place and keep to it” and that state power must be dedicated to ensuring that minorities do not “exceed their limits as minorities”.

    State power is used to treat minorities as the aggressors while treating the majority as the aggrieved party, which is given free hand to “defend itself” by “redressing perceived imbalances”.

    If you are a member of a minority community and you are attacked by a Sinhala Buddhist or a Sinhala Buddhist mob and you choose to fight off your attackers then the police will arrest you and charge you with having attacked your attackers.

    This has been a trend since 1983 and possibly earlier.

    This amounts to official policy and has to be EXPOSED and brought into the consciousness of both the majority as well as the minorities and placed before them with the question “is this the way you want to go and if so is it just, moral and ethical and something that you expect the rest of the world to welcome and accept”.

  • 4

    Hi Tisaranee.

    Thank you for another great newsletter. I love your newsletters.

    You write…… ” The initial incident – the alleged attack on a Buddhist monk and his driver by three Muslim youths – was an accident”.

    I have a doubt about this comment. The reason is last month a muslim shop was gutted by Sinhala mobs who came with a story that the Muslim shop keeper molested a Sinhala Boy.

    After that incident Muslims distanced from Sinhala people. Therefore the news I herd was that the driver of this vehicle purposely reversed the vehicle towards the two Muslim men and as a result an argument occured and the Buddist monk made up a story to instigate violance. That’s the beginning that lead to second violance.

    Remember as long as these cursed Sinhala Buddhist Racists live in Sri Lanka, it will never flourish or be successful. See how the people still live in dungeons like cattle cottages and see what they wear.
    Just imagine what they will do if they had money like in ME or Europe or USA. It is their false pride that God have made them like servants of other countries. This is due to Monk Mahanama like racists BBS who destroy our country.

    Meanwhile where is Aswer the fames Parliament Rajapakse Boot licker. May be he is preparing Dana to BBS Balu sena after their hard days work of murdering Muslims, torching Muslim Mosques, Businesses, houses and vehicles.

    Rajapakses have more than enough Blood in their hands. Their days are numbered.

    Rajapakses are playing a dangerous game with West, UNHRC and Navi Pillai. Rajapakses are looking for revenge from UNHRC by instigating communal violance this time against Muslim community.

    What they do is sending a message to West showing that they are capable of unleashing another July 1983 Progrom so they could flood West with more refugees and Assylum seekers burdening their economies to suffer. Cubas Fidel Castro did this to USA by sending boat loads of sick, convicts and mad people. Rajapakses could do same.

    Therefore both Madam Navi Pillai, UNHRC and the West should be aware of Rajapakse game plan and should be prepared to send in their Troops to save Muslims in Sri Lanka in case Rajapakses plans to sart another 1983 Murder Genocidal Massacre in Sri Lanka.Already they murdered three innocent Muslim brothers. My sympathy goes to Muslim brothers and their families.

    Thank you CT for the Video clips. Please publish more Video clips of the Rajapakse murder in Aluthgama if you have. Thank you Tisaranee.

  • 1

    Gnanasara should be prosecuted by the international criminal courts for incting genocide. in his speech he threatens to wipe out all the muslims and other “parayas” that lay a hand on the sinhalese

  • 2

    Appropriate words to put things in perspective:

    “It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than a distant image from the outer Solar System of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

    Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

    The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

    Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

    Words by Neil deGrasse Tyson Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Episode 13: “Unafraid of the Dark”

  • 1

    It’s a sad situation in Sri Lanka . Country is being ripped apart by the Balu senawa while the government secretly coordinate with these thugs. Family of mahinda rajapakse are in inciting these hatred through the bbs. They cannot directly take part in these activities since they will be scrutinised by the international media. But what currently happening in Sri Lanka are the true colours of the rajapakse family who are hiding behind the door specially Gotabya who is a wolf in sheepsclothing. I think it’s time Muslims take some actions against these atrocities.
    I think all the Muslim ministers attached to this racist government should resign with immediate affect and stop taking part In democratic affairs with the current racist government. Muslims need to respond to these attacks going forward. They have been too timid tolerating such acts and it’s backfiring in Muslims now . Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth should be the attitude of the Muslims .

  • 2

    It’s a sad and scary situation in Sri Lanka. The country is being ripped apart by racial hatred which are incited by the family of rajapakse through the help of monky thugs “Balu senawa “.
    Muslims in Sri Lanka should consider this month as black june like the black july which the same racist Sinhala people of Srilanka did to the innocent Tamils in 1983. Mahinda rajapakse and his brother Gotabya are clearly responsible for this action. When you have a government in place this sort if things can never happen without the support of the state. It’s even clear beyond reasonable doubt that Gotabya is directly involved by involving the police and army to give protection for this mob.
    All Muslim ministers attached to this racist government should resign with Immidiate effect and also shouldn’t take part in any democratic affairs of the country untill these people are arrested and full force of the law is imposed on them., specially “machang sara”.
    Muslims have been very patient in dealing with these issues .all Muslims should start to respond to this aggression before it turns
    out to be a mayanmar style massacre which this conflict is heading towards. As Muslims patience is a virtue but it shouldn’t be a cause for the destruction of humanity. Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is the right way forward.

  • 2

    “This is no country for minorities; this is no country for decent Sinhalese and Buddhists. This is a moral wasteland and a paradise of lawlessness”

    You said it all Tisaranee Gunasekera. There is so much of unmitigated hatred amongst our people, even amongst the CT commentators, that it is so disturbing to feel the sense of despair in those who are anguished at the pain of what is happening to our country and to Buddhism. Thank you for speaking on our behalf.

  • 2

    What Gnanasara said (the opening quote in your article) is already known to every Tamil in Lanka. Now the Muslims and some Sinhalese know it too.

    Shame that this is what it takes for eyes to open

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