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Selective Treatment And Women’s Issues: I Wish To Lodge A Strong A Protest

By Rosy Senanayake

Rosy Senanayake

Today (11/07/2013) I sought to present the Bill which appeared as item 4 in today’s Order Paper, at which point the Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena raised an objection that the Attorney-General’s views had not been obtained. Consequently the matter was put off pending a ruling by Mr. Speaker.

In this connection, I wish to draw your attention to Standing Order 47 which sets out the procedure for presenting Private Members’ Bills.

You will note that there is not one word about obtaining the views of the Attorney-General.

Reference should also be made to Article 77 of the Constitution.

There again the duty is cast on the Attorney-General – not on the Member seeking leave to present a Bill.

It is for this reason that Standing Order requires the Bill be referred without discussion to the relevant Minister. Casting the obligation on the Minister to refer it to the Attorney-General.

This position, I understand has been confirmed by an earlier Cabinet Circular dated 30 May, 1979.

Furthermore, you will appreciate that Private Members have no access to the Attorney-General nor is he obliged to give opinions to us. Neither is there a procedure for obtaining such opinions.

If Dinesh Gunawardena’s argument is correct then, every Bill must come along with a certificate from the Attorney-General. This is so because Article 77 of the Constitution does not differentiate between Bills, be they, Government, Private Member or Amending Bills.

I also wish to bring to your notice several instances where Bills have been presented without a certificate from the Attorney-General.

First among these instances is the abortive 12th Amendment to the Constitution presented by the Hon. Dinesh Gunawardene himself.

Then there is:

Freedom of Information Bill
Right to Education Bill
Protection of Animal Welfare Bill
21st Amendment to the Constitution presented by Rev. Athuraliye Rathana Thero

In the circumstances, I wish to lodge a strong a protest at the Selective Treatment that is meted whenever Women’s Issues are raised.

I trust you will go into this matter and permit me to proceed with my application.

Rosy Senanayake

Member of Parliament
Colombo District

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Latest comments

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    HI……….. MADAM……..GO AHEAD ..



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      With Chamal Rajapassa the uneducated speaker who illegally impeached the first woman chief justice making ugly comments about women this is the outcome.

      Rosy should ask Chamal to resign and the women’s groups of Lanka need to support Rosy and call for Chamal’s resignation. He is unfit to hold the post of speaker of the house.

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      Rights of both men and women are violated. Ranil and the UNP will be a better option than these rogues. Voters are not fools to elect them. They ask the, voters to vote. Once, elected, they ask for ransom from the voters. When they can’t give they get killed. DIGS also under investigation. Will the voters vote them again?

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        Ranil is a useless dictator and his so-called feminist wife a con-artist!

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          Judge Warawewa has also joined hand with Ranil, Ranil want to reestablish all independent commissions. Few people are highly worried about these new developments..

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      Don’t you have anything better to comment than a dress of a women. Why are you all preoccupied with a women’s dress. From BBS to muslim clerics, their main concern is the dress. Schools do not want the parents dressed other than in a saree when they come for parent’s day etc. Even the modest Shalwar is not accepted by some schools. Shalwar covers more than the saree.
      VVIP had also commented about what a person should wear and not wear. so it is a political issue too.
      Please think about what Rosy Senanayaka is promoting for women rather than talk about what she wears.

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      Dear Ms. Rosy Senanayake, Hon. Member of Parliament,

      RE: Another Church Attack To Be Swept Under Carpet – HC Judge Pressures Church Attack Victims To Settle With BBS Gnanasara


      You have the Fiduciary Duty as a Member of Parliament, and a Moral Duty as a Law Abiding Citizen to participate in Activities, that Protect Citizens Rights. What do you think the voting citizens elected you for?

      The need of the hour is Law and Order and fundamental rights of the citizens. Citizen’s rights are being violated, and it needs to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court.

      1. Let us ALL, start a citizens defense Fund of Lanka to protect and to PROSECUTE the Sinhala Buddhist THERAVADA Racists and to give support to the victims.

      Can somebody who is well versed in these activities raise a non-Profit fund, WITH CHECKS AND BALANCES, TO FIGHT THESE RACISTS.


      These Sinhalese Buddhist Racist Theravada Myth Following Monks are A DISGRACE TO THE TRUE BUDDHISM.

      1. Please, Please advise the victims NOT to settle. The 2 Billion Christians in the world please help these poor souls to have courage. Did Jesus Christ, your Lord, settle with the Devil? NO. So, ask these victims not to settle, pressured by the state appointed Judge. This is a pattern. Make your stand, or just give up beliefs and Christianity, and embrace the Myths of Buddhism, the CURSE of SRI LANKA.

      All Sri Lankans and Christians, please help them. against the Sinhala Buddhis Nazis.

      This is what Father Moeller said about the Nazis.


      According to the Martin-Niemöller-Foundation the text is as follows:[2]
      First they came for the communists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

      Then they came for the socialists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for me,
      and there was no one left to speak for me.

      These Mara Buddhist goons are better off behind bars, or burning themselves, like the other cattle.

      2. Take it all the way.

      3. Get the other victims of their criminal activities to file charges as swell, and make it a class action lawsuit.

      4. Have Guts. Learn from this courageous Pakistani girl, who took on the Mighty Taliban.


      Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education activist who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, called for world leaders to protect rights to equality and education in an address at the United Nations on Friday, her 16th birthday.

      “We call upon all the governments to fight against terrorism, to protect children from brutality and harm. We call upon the United Nations to expand opportunity and education for girls all over the world,” Yousafzai said, standing on a platform beside the dais where U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, had spoken before her. “We cannot all succeed when half of us are hampered.”

      5. We call upon the government to fight against racist Sinhala Theravada Buddhist terrorism, the CURSE OF LANKA, to protect non-Buddhist Citizens from brutality and harm. We call upon the United Nations U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom.

      What is Buddhism? Given below is a Summary.

      Inroduction to Buddhism. A violent Religion? Monk Hegemony?

      In Sri Lanka, they do the same.

      The 4 noble truths.

      Part 1
      Buddhism The Great — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great — Part 2


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    This Dinesh has become a laughing stock within the communities. Once upon a time he was seen to be a good politicians. But now the times have come rulers to abuse him.

    Not only this, but trying to defend the rapists of the British murder investigations.

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    Rosy, well done. You have brought out to the world that Sri Lankan ruling party is not a democratic party. You should bring this to the knowledge to the world, especially to global organizations and show what the women in SL go through. This also should be brought to the notice of Commonwealth Org and UN so that let the member states get to know where they are coming for their conference this year what treatment they can expect. Sri Lankan democracy and rule of law has double standards, one for those who support the Rajapakse views, the other for the rest of us.

    You should force the government to add to the referendum the demands of women when they conduct a referendum on the 13th amendment.

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      Rule of law is not in the country, so how can you speak about srilanken rule of law ?

      See Rossy and the women leading figures have been attacked, nobody cares.

      Imports of all unhealthy food stuffs flow into the country these days, nobody reports even the consequences of these issues in the future. Health problems related to kidney and liver are on rise as never before sofar.

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        Leader of the opposition is absolutely correct, if any country is going to hold elections, that need to be free and fair, therefore a;; independent commissions need to be established before the elections. There is an alarming increase in corruption and crimes due to lawlessness. Leader of the opposition has made the following statement.

        UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe called on the government to re-establish all the Independent Commissions (ICs) for the Elections, Police and Judicial Service etc before holding the Northern, North-Western and Central Provincial Council Polls, which have been scheduled for September.

        He told the media in Colombo that Sri Lanka was a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which required that the will of the people shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections, by universal and equal suffrage, secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

        The Rajapaksa regime had to re-introduce the 17th Amendment to the Constitution.

        An independent public service, which could act without political interference, he said was a sine que non to ending the violence and vote rigging that had marred successive elections under the current government.

        The UNP leader observed that he had already written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa urging him to re-introduce 17-A and expected him to display his commitment to the conduct of democratic polls.

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        It is the responsibly of media t educate the public, citizens should know their basic rights.

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          Who manipulates the media ?

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      It is not an easy task to fool the public for ever, corruption and crimes need to be controlled, Judge Warawewa is going to contest Central province. If the Opposition could bring constitutional changes to restore all rights of citizens, voters would defeat UPFA in all three provinces. UNP has to prepare a manifesto with a written documented time frame to fulfill the pledges to win the next election. This is going to be the beginning of the end of criminals.

      • 0

        But stupid gullible folks have been brainwashed by dictators for decades long. The best example is north koreans. Sri Lankans also belong to the category of people that easily forget and are easily manipulative.
        Examples from the recent past:
        a) Presidential Election in 2010 was nothing else but beyond all traditional margins; but have the same folks even reacted accordingly ? NO

        b) Crime incidents and how the authorities investigate them; would the folks protest against – No

        c) Murderers MPs, Ministers shamelessly behave further – do their colleagues have guts to prosecute them ? No

        So, people of the Island simply dont care even if their lovely ones would be whitevanned…. – shame on SRILANKA.

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    A good at attempt! I hope you received the backing of at least the women MPs in the opposition. What about the United National Party. I hope they support a 30% quota for women, in addition to their interest in protecting gay rights.

    I hope you will receive the Attorney General’s ruling without excessive delay. Keep us posted about the progress.

    Do not hesitate to take up this issue with UNHRC, backed by the data on the high incidence of rape, incest, sexual harassment Etc.

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    This is how Goooo nawadenes are. his father also started with fire brand politics and eventually sold his soul and became a minister in opposite regime and knelt before money and power. Son in having identical traits and father like son. We don’t blame gene selection for which one has no control.

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    Dear Ms. Rosy Senanayake

    Member of Parliament
    Colombo District

    “In this connection, I wish to draw your attention to Standing Order 47 which sets out the procedure for presenting Private Members’ Bills.

    You will note that there is not one word about obtaining the views of the Attorney-General.”

    1. This is one instance of DOUBLE STANDARDS.

    You have a few drawbacks.

    1. You are a women.

    2. You are in the Opposition.

    3. You are not Sinhala Buddhist. Being Sinhala does not quality according to the racist hegemonic Buddhist Theravada monks.

    This is standard operating practice.

    They need the Attorney General’s opinion, while there is no law and order, and Sinhala Buddhist Racism and Criminal Actions are rampant.

    How many things that are allowed by the constitution is this Govt. violating?

    • 0

      Rosy Senanayake:

      You talk. but, have you attempted to work. what do you have done to help the women in Sri Lanka ?

      I can understand that as a one who is really interested in helping Sri Lankan women you did your best to help them, AT THE VERY BASIC LEVEL, but when you could not do any more practical, because existing everything stopped you working for them any more, THEN YOU DECIDED TO USE YOUR ABILITIES AS A MP AND YOU FORWARDED THIS PARTICULAR BILL.


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      Dear Ms. Rosy Senanayaka,

      Here is a very courageous little Pakistani girl fighter, Malala Yousafsai, who is fighting the Extremist Taliban in Pakistan to have the Right to an Education. The Taliban, the Deobandi and Wahhabis are agents of the Devil, called Satan and Shaitan, and they want to keep their Tibalism and Tribal Hegemony, and keep the women suppressed for ever. The Egyptians got wise and prevented such an outcome.

      Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka, we have the Sinhala Buddhist Theravada Monks, agents of Maqra, Devil, Shaitan and Racists, Running Amok with State Sponsorship, committing crimes against the non-Sinhala Buddhists, who do not follow the Buddhist Myths. Please Encourage to Sponsor a private members bill against these Sinhala Buddhist Myth following racists who are against the fundamental rights of the citizens, guaranteed by the constitution. These unsupported myth following Sinhala Buddist Racist groups are known as BBS, Budu Balu Sena, Sinhala Ravaya, and other. They do not follow the teachings of the Enlightened Buddha, but that of Mara.

      Malala Yousafzai, teen shot by Taliban, addresses U.N


      Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education activist who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, called for world leaders to protect rights to equality and education in an address at the United Nations on Friday, her 16th birthday.

      “We call upon all the governments to fight against terrorism, to protect children from brutality and harm. We call upon the United Nations to expand opportunity and education for girls all over the world,” Yousafzai said, standing on a platform beside the dais where U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, had spoken before her. “We cannot all succeed when half of us are hampered.”

      Yousafzai’s address to the United Nations Youth Assembly was her first public speech since she was shot in the head in October by Taliban gunmen in Pakistan. Known around the world by her first name, Malala used the opportunity to promote the United Nations Global Education Fund led by Brown and Moon.

      “(Malala) spoke out on the right of girls to seek an education, and the Taliban saw her as a target for assassination,” Brown said in his introductory remarks.

      After she was shot, Malala was treated in a Pakistani hospital, then flown to the United Kingdom for further treatment.

      Brown recounted her inspiring story, which played out in media reports as she recovered from a devastating shot to the head, returned to school and continued to face danger.

      “You’ve been taken from your own country that you love. And yet, on your 16th birthday, you’ve come here to urge us to do more,” Brown said.

      Malala, dressed in shades of pink with a hijab covering her head and shoulders, told the assembly that despite the trauma she endured, “I am the same Malala.”

      “My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same and my dreams are the same,” she said. “I am not against anyone. Nor am I here to speak against the Taliban or any other terrorist group. I am here to speak up for the right to education of every child.”

      As she spoke, grown women in the audience were seen wiping tears from their eyes.

      Malala said she came to speak for hundreds of human rights activists and social activists who are fighting for education, justice and equality.

      “Here I stand not as one voice but speaking for those who have fought for the right to be treated with dignity, their right for equality of opportunity, and their right to be educated,” she said.

      In many parts of the world, women and children are victims of child labor, forced to marry at an early age, and every government and world leader should stand up for women’s and girls’ rights, including compulsory free education for every child, she said.

      “When we were in class in Pakistan, we realized the importance of pens and books,” she said. “The extremists were afraid of education. … That is why they’re blasting schools every day. Because they’re afraid of progress, afraid of change.”

      But if women and young people rise up and demand their due, “no one can stop us,” she said. “If we want to achieve our goals, let us empower ourselves with a weapon of knowledge and shield ourselves with unity and togetherness.”

      “Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child. One teacher and one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.”

    • 0

      See, the numbers of comments to particular article written by Ms Senanayake are relatively less than any other topics posted on CT. That means – the average have not interest even exchanging views about the matter. Nor have read it. That alone proves even women rights are being marginalized by the megalomaniacs in power – no significant masses would even pay least attention – shame no ?

  • 0

    Rosy, beware of Kumar Welgama and our diplo-NUT, Bandula Jayasekera, both have a penchant for ??????

  • 0

    We can learn from what a 16 yr old child told the world at the UN yesterday.


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    Madam Rosy Senanayake:

    You people do all these bickerings from your parliament – office or from your home office and then talk big. Other than that, it is all for your benefit and Sri Lankan women will be at the same place.

    I don’t think the problems you people talk are the real problems of Sri Lankan women.

    I don’t think, at least, you know what the real problems of Sri Lankan women are.

    You are just using Sri Lankan women for your benefit.

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    Sri Lanka once was recognized all over the world as the first country in the world to have an elected Prime Minister who was a women. Even in the western world there were no women Prime Ministers. From this esteem position we have come to the bottom of the rank as a country which does not recognize women’s rights.

    As ususal Jim Softy is talking nonsense. If he asks his mother or sister and if he is married his wife they will tell him what issues they have and how they are treated by the men in Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      Today, they call it instead as one of the brutal countries where HR have fallen to the levels akin to those of pakistanis.

      Assaults, torture, murders have become official in the country today. Police have become gawky onlookers while letting anyone assault innocent people for no reasons. No crimes investigations ending up with fair and acceptable verdicts. Lawmakers are believed to be high crimes with the knowledge of incumbent president.
      No matter transgressions of the laws are being heard almost everyday, no proper investigations because almost every high crime is connected either with lawmakers of ones enjoying the relationship with MR, GR, BR or their henchmen. Chief justice handpicked by president himself is seen to be doing nothing against injustice either. This is the country governed by Rajapsssas.

    • 0

      Two decades ago, I heard it many calling our small island as – Bandaranayake country. Many in Europe learnt that srilanka as the country where first Female prime minister was produced. UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, where ever you re, they dare to raise the question today how the sinhalese treat our minority folks. Sinhalese have become a murderous folks for them since the war is over. Tamils that live on the west as refugees for the last 3 decades have been part of each of these countries today. Tamils gain the sympathy from them.

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    Minister Rosy Senanayake,

    I would like to know if you were aware that there are war widows who are working as sex workers in the ‘Tamil-dominated north and east.’ If you were aware of it please let us know what you and your party has done to help them. If you were unaware of it I hope you who claim to care about the problems faced by the women in Sri Lanka will do something to help these women.

    Here is an excerpt about this problem and the link to the full story.

    According to government estimates, the ethnic conflict has widowed 59,000 women, the bulk of them in the Tamil-dominated north and east.

    With rehabilitation tardy and options to earn money few, many women have been compelled to resort to sex work to earn a livelihood and provide for their families.

    “We try to wean them away from sex work but they say they have no choice,” says an activist asking not to be named for fear of reprisal. “We provide the women with condoms and give advice on contraception as protection.”


    Another matter I would like to bring up is the problems many a mother and child is facing in neighborhoods due to noise pollution. Please help implement a law where mothers, children and others living in neighborhoods are protected by noise pollution created by inconsiderate neighbors. This law should also allow the authorities to prosecute such neighbors without having to take them to court if there is ample proof such persons are disrupting the peace by fining them between
    Rs. 100, 000 – Rs. 1,000,000.

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