21 May, 2024


‘Pissu Geni’ ‘Baby Nona’ : This Eve Of Course Has Many Many Adams – Weerawansa & Dilan

By Colombo Telegraph

Pissu geni’ (mad woman), ‘baby’, ‘baby nona’ (baby mistress) and several other derogatory terms were used to address Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake by Ministers Dilan Perera and Wimal Weerawansa during Parliamentary Select Committee proceedings on Thursday, Colombo Telegraph learns.

Dilan Perera

Perera and Weerawansa who from the first were tasked with humiliating the Chief Justice at the Committee sittings were not checked even once by the Select Committee Chairman Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, sources said.

Furthermore, when Romesh De Silva PC who is leading Bandaranayake’s legal team was making submissions on Thursday, he alluded to the fact that even Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had been given the opportunity to explain themselves. Interrupting the Senior Lawyer, Perera sniped “This Eve of course has many many Adams,” sources said.  The statement shocked lawyers and Opposition MPs on the committee.

The following is the sequence of events at Thursday’s PSC sitting, before Bandaranayake and her lawyers walked out in protest:

1. PSC convened at 2.30 pm today. The Chairman without consulting other Members overruled the objection of bias raised against two Members. Opposition Members dissented.

2. Romesh de Silva PC (Counsel for CJ) then raised the issue of the Procedure. No specific and legitimate procedure was adopted. Instead, documents (approximately 1000 pages) were handed over the CJ requiring her to respond by 7th afternoon. No list of documents or witnesses were given.

3. CJ was told that there would be no oral evidence and therefore no cross examination would be permitted.

4. When the issue of rules of natural justice was raised, the Government members responded that this is not a court and that rules of natural justice is applicable for the people and not for the representatives of the people.

5. Several Members of the Government referred to various allegations, not based on the charges. When the Counsel pointed out that those allegations are not part of the charges, they took the view that the Committee can go beyond the allegations.

6. Two Members of the Committee particularly ridiculed the Chief Justice with totally unacceptable remarks (Pissu Geni; Nadagam Natanawa etc). Counsel was also subject to hostility. Member of the Opposition requested the Chair to control the proceedings and ensure that Chief Justice and Counsel are treated with dignity but Chair did not make any attempt to prevent further humiliation.

7. When the PSC was unable to ensure any acceptable procedure for inquiry and continued with the violation of Rules of Natural justice and in particular the Chief Justice and Counsel was subjected to intimidation, the Chief Justice and her Counsel walked out of the PSC

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    dont know about perera but weerawansa or modawansa as i and many others like to call him is a moron who has the intellect of an amoeba. no wponder rajapakse would get him to do the dirty work because he does not even realise he is a pawn.
    how he became a minister is a mystery.
    but then in the miracle of asia anything is possible

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    This woman is damn corrupted.Get rid of her once and for all.

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    She (C J) never speaks about her NDB Bank A/c No. 1011-1000-2058. Why she didn’t include this Account in her declaration of Assets and liabilities. What will happen to me if I did such a mistake. What I feel is she purposely avoid to mention her all assets thinking of her POWER. Why she involved to buy a property for her sister. This could have done by them (sister and her family) without any involvement of CJ. Ordinary people can now understand how she had misused her office to act under-hand. Considering the three(03) charges proved before the PSC, if some one says she is a MAD WOMAN it is correct. Her functions related to three (03)charges proved before the PSC very childish, she deserve if some called her BABA, Baby Nona or MODA-GANI. If some one has done a foolish, we called moda-weda, or modaya.

    With out going to Dalada-Maligawa she could have given a Press-conference and given an opportunity to mas-media to question her. Why she is avoiding to come before the media. Ordinary people are waiting to hear her explanation and watching what is happening. Her husband did’nt tell a single word about NSB investment. Why he dumped about that transactions. Those are simple questions. NGOs and some fools of Hulstdorph are shouting for dollers $.

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      If she is called pissu gani (mad woman) – the ruler of the country should be called – mass killer, multi murderer, tsunami embazzler, all kind of abuser. The difference is CJ is proved that she is not mad and MR is proved the opposite of what he is pretended to be.

  • 1

    It’s very sad when we think about what has happened to our motherland.No respect to Law and order. Jokers like Dilan and Buruwansa deciding the fate of educated people.
    We are doomed!!
    It’s the fault of the people for voting to get this jokers in to the parliment including the maha raja and his hora siblings

  • 0

    Jokes and Jokers – They are a National Shame. Have’nt these Hooligans
    They are fed by us! clothed by us!! enjoy unthinkable perks at
    peoples’ costs!!! While the people struggle for few sprats, they
    have belly full of Seer Fish and Chicken soup.
    Enjoying 5 Star food at No Star price.

    The intellectual debility of contemporary conservatism is indicated by its silence on all important matters. -Christopher Lasch
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. -Martin Luther King Jr

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    These are not jokers, these are murderers.

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    Mahinda will see the end soon.

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    This bugger MR has pretended that he was unaware that both Dilan and Wimal have abused CJ. Dilan and Wimal would not have ever done so if not they were instructed by MR himself. This Bugger MR is famous for doing this kind of thing. He gets various buggers to say and do things and later try to reprimand them to be the good person. For instance all remember the Dambulla Mosque incident. Now can one seriously believe that Inamaluwe Bugger did not know for the last thirty years of the existance of the Mosque? Infact this Inamaluwe Bugger had engaged the Imam of this Mosque for the demonstration against the Kandalama Hotel, before it was built, that he performed along with the Catholic Nuns and some Priests from the Wahacotte Church. The truth is MR wanted to divert the masses interest elsewhere, hence he got this Inamaluwe Bugger to commit what he did. Now every thing is forgotten by the people.

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  • 0

    Ayman – From what we gather the Dambulla Mosque was not destroyed.
    While Inamalawe Thera came out with a stacceto of raw filth, the other darker priest has raised his cloth to display, according to Kumar David, his “Crown Jewels” Another friend is convinced it is more “black pearls”

    What have these two rotters got to do with one of the more calming and compassionate religious philosophies in the world. Both are exhibiting their material cravings for money and sensual pleasures and should be
    de-robed pronto.


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