16 August, 2022


Spectators Left Shocked As ‘Porter Ambassador’ ASP Liyanage Introduces Rajapaksa Sons As ‘Honourable’

Spectators were left shocked when Chief Guest and Sri Lankan Ambassador to Qatar A.S.P. Liyanage introduced Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sons Yoshitha and Rohitha as ‘honourable’ at the introduction of CH & FC’s team prior to their game against the Doha Rugby Football Club in Doha yesterday.Due to the current blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,. Egypt and Bahrain, the Doha Rugby Football Club is inviting overseas teams to play friendly rugby encounters in Doha.

Many Sri Lankan expatriates who thronged the Doha RFC grounds were left miffed by Ambassador Liyanage’s introduction of the CH and FC rugby team and especially the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sons. This is despite the visiting CH & FC rugby club pulling off a remarkable victory after trailing at half time.

Spectators were later heard taunting ‘Honorable Porter’ when Ambassador Liyanage handed over the winner’s trophy to Yoshitha Rajapaksa. Yoshitha Rajapaksa currently has several criminal charges heard against him in several courts in Sri Lanka.

Two days ago the Sri Lankan Ambassador ASP Liyanage was exposed by Colombo Telegraph when he greeted the CH and FC rugby team on their arrival, and was seen carrying the Rajapaksa sons’ bags and having them chauffeur driven to the Mercure Grande Hotel while the rest of the team had to travel in the team bus.

While Ambassador ASP Liyanage was seen carrying Rohitha Rajapaksa’s bag, Sri Lanka Embassy official and Minister Rajitha Senaratna’s close associate Ruwan Dananasooriya was pictured pushing a trolley containing Yoshitha Rajapaksa’s bags.

The game itself was a thrilling encounter yesterday, when CH and FC came back from behind, after trailing 8 /12 at half time to record a remarkable victory 17/15 when former Antonian Samuel Maduwantha put over a 20 meter penalty with five minutes to go before the final whistle.

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Latest comments

  • 14

    These are the people President Sirisena sends as Ambassadors to represent Sri Lanka. Shame on the President who cannot be honest, he is trying hard to save murderer of the armed forces, BBS Gnanasara, the lady doctor who killed the policeman etc.. Above all now he is trying to form a care taker government under Mahinda Rajapakse. Is President Sirisena so stupid as not to know that USA, EU and other developed countries will ruin the economy of Sri Lanka if Mahinda Rajapakse lead government is formed? There will be economic and trade embargo placed by these countries.

  • 14

    This is expected when you send an idiot to do a beaurocrats job. Only third world uneducated counties do such appointments. Shamed to be called a Sri Lankan…

  • 17

    Ah, Honorable in killing Thajudeen
    Honourable in making SL bankrupt with the father
    Honourable in Colombo street care racing
    Honourable in Navy career ( another story )
    Honourable in every act these Princess do….

    Good job porter ASP Liyanage, keep honouring these honourable “party boys”

  • 7

    I now believe that guys like ASP Liyanage are quite useful to both the sides in the dividing line. This chap bootlicking the honorable sons (Pity that it is not venerable in the religion that professes immorality ) is one thing. Continuing to be tolerated is much worse. Knowing that we know that the role of the business type ambassador is to pilfer money for his master. There is a controversy surrounding his role regarding the funding of an International school run by Sri Lankans over there.

  • 9

    WHat’s honorable about fleecing the country, taking gigantic commissions, and stashing your ill gotten gains, so that no one can find them?

  • 1

    ASP Ambass chief guest ,attended a IFTAR oranised by a Srilankan welfare association
    3000 participants at AL Arabi sports complex and the speech was! “All religion are same , i came with fever ,you guys hungry eat, i had a tea. i am leaving” good luck…..

    I thought as an ambassador He will deliver a mind blowing speech to support for expats as

    ” Dear Rataviruwo , you are our motherlands back bone and a strength to the economy,you are unsung heroes here leaving your loved ones back home ,for a reason and as an ambassador and the mission will be at your service at all times, Ramadan Kareem!

  • 4

    Leave the Rajapaksa family alone.
    At least the sons are no way like Mervin ( Dutugemunu ) Silva’s thug boy Malaka .
    They are good sportsmen, not into drugs or alcohol, not night clubbers, and all the other bloody shit that other politicians sons are involved in.
    If ASP Wijesinghe is a sucker let him be a sucker for there are bigger suckers in the present shitty government.
    Worry about the present situation SL is sinking into because you sri lankans will continue to do the same bloody thing over and over again ———– stand in line every bloody five years to vote arseholes into power and then cry from every orifice in your bodies when you get rammed by the same wankers you voted into power.
    Shameless bloody people.

    • 3

      Dear Billy,

      I fully agree with you. We need many comments to challenge people like no name and hamilton.

    • 1

      Billy Boy
      Well said. Agree with your following statement.

      ———– stand in line every bloody five years to vote arseholes into power and then cry from every orifice in your bodies when you get rammed by the same wankers you voted into power.
      Shameless bloody people.

    • 2


      “They are good sportsmen, “

      But they bump off other finest sportsman to avoid competition and glory.

      ” not into drugs or alcohol,”

      However their uncles and father protected drug lords.

      “not night clubbers,”

      However they are into night car racing which was subsidized by the state and a public nuisance the people.

      “and all the other bloody shit that other politicians sons are involved in.”

      Other political brats didn’t have same level of clout in the government as MR’s brats did. What was the FCID’s investigation into Namal baby’s financial dealings?

      Are you a b***s carrier in waiting?
      Wish you well.

    • 0

      @billy boy .. you missed a small insignificant matter of the murder of Thajudeen…. That was also Mervins son noh ??? idiot

  • 3

    The ASP Liyanage – the porter has three messages.
    * You know where I get my power from (Aiyo Sir Sir please note)
    ** Sack me if you dare (MS take note of this)
    *** Everyone: I called them honourable because I am honourable (Lankans in Qatar said “Bugger”)

  • 3

    That is the only position he is fit for, a porter. I do not blame those boys if he is prepared to carry their bags. He is no “AMBASSADOR” material and he seems to be aware of his level. Money does not make a “MAN”

    • 1

      You said right.
      Money does not make a Man. Ambassador has shown where he belongs.

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