21 June, 2024


Video: Defend The Rights Of Muslims: Radical Muslims Speaks Against Sinhala-Buddhists Nationalists

Abdur Raziq of Sri Lanka Thawheed Jamaat speaks against BBS/ JHU/Sinahala Ravaya and other Sinhala Buddhists nationalist groups including the government of Sri Lanka. Police tried to prevent Sri Lanka Thawheed Jamat meeting by banning the meeting. However, the SLTJ officials went ahead to conduct the meeting at their office premises.

Defend the rights of Muslims -Part – 1

Defend the rights of Muslims- Part – 2


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    So it is important not to associate with any groups who are extremists , because you never will know on who’s pay roll they really are really on , unfortunate today Money matters, and people of all faiths are willing to betray their religion , community , friends , relatives ,just for money..

    Please do more research online , especially european & scandinavian natives , on hate campaigns against Muslims.
    The most notorious are norwegians….

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    There is nothing rocket science to think and discuss on the anti muslim campaign by the budhists in the country.The guy gives a comprehensive answer to what this fellows who call them the real budhists say in public stages and in main towns against other religions.

    Budhists are themselves scared where they are heading to with more and more people are moving away from the belief and the large no of temples becoming empty day by day from their dayakayas.

    With this anti religon sentiments by the “Senas”more and more true budhists will abondone their faith, the campaigns have also become a flop with poor attendance in the public meetings by the “senas”.

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    Britain has been more than Kind to The Muslims in the past,it is because of a small group of Muslims been
    brain washed by similar extremist groups, that has most unfortunately effected the entire Muslim community in Britain …
    Muslims must think do thier own research before they accept any new Muslim groups that prop up…………

    So do not play into the hands of such groups ,

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    Come on Ben ; do not fool your self by thinking, talking and writing on subjects which are sunk. Just address the problems in hand how this started, who spreds it , How the Muslim community has been so far tolerent , and what couild be done.

    We were talking for 30 years before we ended the war and could not bring a real solution todate and the regime wants another issue to talk for another 30 years and show the main community as the victims to cover up their short comings. This is why these hardline groups are thriving against the minorities

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    @Rash -everyone’s entitled to their own Opinion so do you, I have reason out the past causes , and with out fire there is no smoke ,you seem to be the one who is exceptionally intelligent . so I leave you to come up with the solution ,so go ahead and take over the forum- ..


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    Raw Pork Was Thrown Into The Mahiyangana Mosque
    July 28, 2013 | Filed under: Colombo Telegraph,News,STORIES | Posted by: COLOMBO_TELEGRAPH


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    anti-Sinhalese Muslim fanatic Nabil is paid to keep an eye on those who take exception to nonsense from Muslims in the media. Earlier Muslims in the country were peaceful people who gave no trouble to others. Forget the incidents of 1915 that took place
    nearly a century ago. If Sinhalese wanted to get rid of the Muslims we would have done it in the 1970’s when we had absolute political power and most of the world with us.

    Your problem began with the Arabs finding Oil in 1971 when the high prices they forced on the world made them mad. Why not. From about
    $2/50 barrel they sent it to $13 then. It is over $100 now. Some Arab “scholars” found this Fundamentalist madness and gave the Dead rope to these illiterate power-drunk sheiks that the time for a Muslim takeover of the world is theirs. It is at this time some of our own
    Muslims who got jobs there, at rates very cheap to the Arabs, started behaving as if they are Arabs themselves. Some fools came back dressed like them with a strange head-scarf while many gave up the sarong and
    got into that gunny bag white uniform. It was at that time they slowly began to claim their forefathers came from Arabia in the hope the Arabs will adopt them as brothers. Academics in these pages proved not long ago our Muslims are actually Untouchable low caste Hindus who had
    arrived here a few hundred years looking for their livelyhoods in Ceylon, Malaysia, Burma and other places from the dry Coastal region of South India. With the change from the Sarong came the change of attitude and ambition to quietly take over this country. So called Salafists, Wahabists, Jihadists were given Arab money to build as many mosques as possible and first convert the poor Sinhalese with the inducement of big money. While Sinhalese did not fall for this trap many Indian origin Estate workers did. Then followed those secretive
    Madraasas that radicalised our Muslim young men with the bogus dream “the time for the world to be Muslim is almost here” They were told there will be sacrifices but soon they will all be millionaires.
    Most of these uneducated youth succumbed to the false promises.

    Loudspeakers blared down early in the mornings causing much inconvenience to those of others religions – but these Mosque men did not care. They had some of their men in the Cabinet and felt they are
    beyond the law. One example mentioned is the big mosque in the Pettah in Colombo in 2nd Cross Street meeting Bankshall Street off Main Street. The roads are forcibly closed for Friday prayers from 11 am – 2pm and Muslims sit outside on the road. Sindhi, Borah, Tamil and other shop-keepers in the area affected suffered loss of business but there was little they could do. The Police to whom complaints were made said powerful Muslims ministers warned them to ignore the complaints. But now these shop keepers say things are getting back to normal and reason.

    Ah! so now you say the figure of the dead from 1970 is 275,000. Many Muslim political leaders, journalists and academics kept the figures low until now. They said the Tamil dead in July 1983 was less than a thousand and May 2009 also were mentioned less than 40,000. Now Azad Saly and Hakim will agree with the Tamil statistics because they need
    Tamil support.

    So Lafir, Muthaliph. Nizam and dozens of other Muslims joined the Intelligence services to translate you say. Tamils say they took sadistic pleasure in torturing and strangling Tamil youth – whose bodies were found in wells, rivers, the sea and roads. Consider yourself lucky VP is no more. If he was he would have tracked down every Muslim who killed innocent Tamils in cold blood to please their masters. The Kattankudy killings it is written here and elsewhere is a warning to stop spying and against the surreptitious bringing of machine guns, grenades and other battle equipment from Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and other places. This was more to prepare for the setting up of a Muslim PC in time to come in the EP. Now we see this taking shape, eh!

    ADP (to be cont’d)

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    I hate to say your known nature is such no other community will trust you anymore. That shameless political humbug ganda-kata Azwer is one example what a Muslim politician is.

    You talk of language and religion. Your trick to use your religion for both to blackmail for positions in the government and Cabinet will come to an end soon. Your Ministers since 1980 sneaked into Cabinet in weak Coalition governments with the promise of solving Muslim issues. But what did they actually do? They ended up accumulating millions in dollars by bribery and blackmail. It is an open secret the late Ashraff owns more than 2 luxury apartments in London, one of which is occupied by his son studying there. This is said to be a bribe that he insisted to award the Colombo South Jetty Tender. How much did the country lose in millions of dollars by this loss. We are told some months ago Fakhim was looking for a groom for his daughter promising a dowry of Rs.300 million. Did these two Ministers, who started their ministerial career, as almost poor men declare this to the income tax authorities?

    We are not interested in harming innocent Muslims so long as they behave well and do not join others to harm the country. But your nonstop noise, spreading of falsehood and the nonsense of too many bogus “academics” must stop. It is in your own interest to write and speak less in sensitive matters. Also it is time you reduce your
    mosques all over the country to that number necessary. Dr Ameer Ali, one of your own, says he is surpised in Kattankdy there are so many mosques there are not enough Muslims to fill them in the area. According to him some mosques – that have room for 500 – have only 20 coming for prayers. What is this?

    The fury of Mahiyangana will continue until Muslims change their
    strategy and become what they were 30 years ago and before.


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    @ADP(ATTENTION DEFICIENCY PROBLEM) What a waste of time energy and bandwidth to prove that your prove you are a Jackass, who talks shop and live in a world of your own in your hallucination…

    Go ,go and put on a G,String & pluck coconuts ,, that is what idiots like you are capable..

    The whole problem is free education in Sri Lanka which G.String cladded morons like you become mad when they bring you from the wild to civil society…

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    Qasim Ben Cassim, Nabil or whatever boru name you chose to write in,
    please watch your language. The game is not over and the more you insult the more you make things difficult.


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    SLTJ abdul razik is a ratu sahoodaraya. Good at speaking but actions are totally contradictory. All big guys at SLTJ are Indian origin and have ulterior motives which are very dangerous. For example, they will have a blood donation campaign and distribute cheap gift items to hoodwink the poor masses to gain popularity. Their Indian agents is TNTJ and its leader PJ. Please do not fall for their publicity stunt. Go and visit their website it is full of foul languages, backbiting using gutter languages and some under world gangsters are also with them. Their main aim is to get in to politics such as PJ in India. They routinely condemn other religious groups and portray themselves as the only genuine Muslims and run down to the lowest other Muslims. All right minded people should get together and decry this SLTJ gutters (Sri Lanka Toilet Jamath) and ban this organization as it is an illegal organization which has been established to carryout sinister motives.

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