19 May, 2022


‘Wild Ass’ Sirisena Decries ‘Wild Ass’ Journalism

President Maithripala Sirisena today lamented, that sections of the media was trying to crush him even after his new government has ensured media freedom.

Delivering the key note address, at the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Sri Lanka Press Association held at the BMICH today, Sirisena said that his government had ended the era where journalists had disappeared and were harassed.

MaithripalaHowever Sirisena lamented that the media was using the new found freedom to slander selected politicians and other individuals with scant respect to media ethics.

“Freedom of expression must not de-generate into wild ass freedom” he stressed.

When the Government ensures the freedom of the press the duty of a journalist is to write the truth without giving any space to achieve narrow objectives, the President further clarified.

While accusing the previous Rajapaksa regime of intimidating the media Sirisena added that the era of telephoning the editors to suggest headlines in newspapers has ended.

Without naming the paper, President Sirisena went on to say that one of the English newspapers has published an article which contained fabricated details of his recent visit to New York to attend the UN General Assembly,

While noting that he welcomed criticism, Sirisena emphasized that however this should be constructive and not totally one-sided or malignant.

On a positive note Sirisena thanked the media for propagating the governments view in a pro-active manner during the recently concluded UN Human Rights Council 30th sessions where a resolution on delivering justice for victims of human rights violations during the Lankan war was adopted by the council.

President Maithripala Sirisena presented felicitation awards to ten Senior Journalists at the event.

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Latest comments

  • 27

    Actually there is a doubt about sirisena’s IQ?

    • 22


      “Actually there is a doubt about sirisena’s IQ?”

      How about the rest of the population, nearly 21 Million of them?

      • 7

        There are so many Sri Lankans having a very high IQ. However, they do not dare to become a politician in this country. Only people with zero IQ enter the parliament.

        • 5

          but what is visible is that significant masses bear lower IQs, what that mattters for a nation. Anyways, alone significant vote eligible masses to repeat with their votes to Wimal Buruwaa and Gonmanpilla are the most distinguished examples.

      • 2

        Piyasena and Native Vedda

        “How about the rest of the population, nearly 21 Million of them?”

        Given below are some answers.

        National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


        The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

        Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

        ——– Country
        ———————– %
        1 Singapore 108
        2 South Korea 106
        3 Japan 105

        28 Sri Lanka 79

        Anybody know the Z score of the characters?

        • 0

          With IQ Rankings, Native Wedda looks like been cleen balled for a golden duck !

      • 3

        Piyasena “Actually there is a doubt about sirisena’s IQ?”

        “How about the rest of the population, nearly 21 Million of them?” – NV

        Brilliant observation Native Veddah, Brilliant!

        The President has to improve, particularly in what he does. But he does not deserve what he is now getting.

        I think we are well on the way towards making Sirisena into a something else than what he is, BECAUSE we cannot handle the new found freedom!!!!

        Criticise by all means, but let there be a style about how you get about it.

      • 3

        These are the people with jack ass, always shiting and farting through their mouths.

      • 4

        Yeah, they blieved he was the messiah!
        This is why I liked the old system, We saw this circle continue and it will continue again.
        By the way, Is this government doing anything other than depreciating rupee and finance minister inviting to launder money?
        Ayyo leela oyala adagena nanawa.

    • 5

      From last November, most of us were fooled by Sirisena… If Sirisena has low IQ, then what about us? I really feel ashamed of myself because I too believed that Sirirsena was trying to make SL a civilize and productive country…..

  • 15

    If Ranil has any kekkuma for the country, and if he was not in Parliament yesterday, he should watch this video where Anura Kumara Dissanayake, had this to say: The Attorney Generals Dept has become a pimp for the Government. It is Sirisena who is the puppet master at this Dept.

    Ranil should watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EglxI73fgd4

    Ranil should then walk up to Sirisena, slap him across the face and then tell him, next time it will be worse, unless he puts the comedian Yuwanjana Wanasundera in jail.

  • 8

    Similarly it would have been good if the president mentioned that the media should have highlighted the views of the opposition too.

  • 18

    President must look at the criticism carefully. He is pointing at the media without realizing the mistakes he has made so far, he has spoken as if his entire UN visit was non controversial.
    This is a bad sign. Everyone who new MR personally admired him for his friendliness and interpersonal relations. MR manipulated the system and politics to achieve his ambition. It is common for people to manipulate the system to achieve what they want. We know high ranking professionals have also manipulated the system to reach the top.

    MR’s main weakness was he was not in control of his friends and relations. This weakness is showing in MS very early in his presidency. People who supported the change of regime should continue the pressurize the government and the President to make sure that the present government does not become a victim of opportunists. From the stories doing rounds its clear that president’s son will be a great liability for the President. It is good to remember that MR was brought down by this brothers, sons and those who were very close to him.

    We admire the President for coming forwards to rescue this country. We also urge him to be aware about the factors that can destroy his character.

  • 22

    It seems like you are also heading in the direction of your predecessor. Tread carefully Mr President else unknowingly your achievements will eroded at faster pace.

    We are still waiting clear explanation on the following.

    1. Your daughters village visits accompanied by an entourage of government officials. On what official capacity, she was doing this?

    2. Then your sons junket to the UN and seated next to in the UN general assembly. Again, whats was his official status on this trip? was this at the expense of the tax payers money?

    Media is eyes and ears of the public, so do not blame them. Come forward and provide clear explanations so that people will satisfied. Now with the “Wild ass freedom” comment, You are trying to throw mud at them because you are incapable of defending yourself. Thus guilty as charged.

    • 1

      “Mr President else unknowingly your achievements will eroded at faster pace.”

      What achievements? Is there any?

  • 10

    If the media is guilty of “slander”, there are laws that can be applied for redress and compensation in the event of guilt being established, so no need to worry about “wild ass freedom”.

    If media organizations are “slandering” Maithri and “select politicians” they are free to take suitable action and not act like crybabies!

    On the other hand, if Maithri addressed the questions of his daughter’s acts and his son’s Geneva jaunt, there would be less to be critical about him.

  • 11

    Mainstream media practiced self censorship. For sometime they were mum on Daham’s sitting in the UN and after the exposure on CT and other media forum. MS also mentioned that media caused embarrassment to him when they reported his son’s behaviour few years back at Pasikuda beach. He may not want his nepotism exposed in the media.

  • 7

    I am happy that MS has made some response at least. He reminds me of the wife in a certain story. While this couple was having sex one day, the man said, “did I hurt you”? The wife said “No, why do you ask”? The man said, “Because for a moment, I thought you had moved”?

  • 11

    Mr. Sirisena,

    The wild ass accusations against you are not willy nilly.
    Why don’t you clarify that you are accusing the media of fabricating. We are still waiting to hear the truth about missing journalists who are certainly dead. It is not the media that is abusing the so called new found freedom, it is you who is doing it in plain view.
    How about the promise of good governance which is already showing cracks.

  • 4

    Keep up the good work CT, don’t back off!

  • 4

    If there are wild allegations, Sirisena could refute them quite easily. There are two charges of nepotism and possibly a third relating to the extensions to his house. He can answer them. If he does not, then, people may assume that the allegations have substance and that Sirisena has commenced his descent into the same hole as MR.

  • 4

    Sir don’t blame any one, it’s you who gives ammunition to media to fire at you.Its sad to see your credibility is fast declining day by day.First you said you will not appoint any person connected to drugs as candidates at last election, then you appointed a man who is accused of dealing with drugs to wattala seat.Then you took your son to Geneva and allow your daughter go around with government servants attending to political work.If you don’t stop this the day is not far that people will refuse as they did with MR.

  • 4

    “Without naming the paper, President Sirisena went on to say that one of the English newspapers has published an article which contained fabricated details of his recent visit to New York to attend the UN General Assembly,”

    Probably that English newspaper might have played a very important role in bring New King to power. In other words, it might have played a very crucial role in defeating the Old King. It might have been saved for election debates by Library of Congress,US. So New King may wants to know to cover his freely roaming wild mouth before the next election.

    Threatening that I gave you free laptop, you need to write good about e is not bargain in the free media. Nobody makes media free in a elected democratic governments. Free media is part and parcel of the democratic governments. From Sirimavo time, all bully, Lankawe Royal Governments have been bullying the Free Media. This is another row deal that is next Tamils receive.

    He wants to pick on media and escape out of excusing to Lankawe’s Sinhala Buddhist by fooling them. But he still owes an explanation to the people democratically elected him.

  • 2

    ‘Wild Ass’ Sirisena Decries ‘Wild Ass’ Journalism – cries this headline. How tasteless, how pathetic, and what guts!!!

    ‘Guts’ are those given to strong men with a pen, when they confront bullies of a higher weight. There was a bully in power for long years before President Sirisena, and there was not a hum in protest coming anywhere near this, from the journalists of the day.

    The fate of those who dared is well known.

    This kind of journalism is therefore extremely sad, unfair and tasteless. It should be stopped through self censorship and calm thinking by editors, and not by force of government.

    What CT should do is to present facts, allowing readers to say what they want, including calling the President “Wild Ass”. When the website does so itself, then you are setting a lead.

    President Sirisena did something wrong. He appointed his brother to a high position in Telecom. That was not ON. He should have realized he could open the floodgates with that unthinking act. Now two other ministers are allegedly padding up to fill important slots with a B-I-L and a brother. The President wont be able to do a thing! How pathetically he has bound himself up!

    But civilized journalism does not permit writers to resort to insults when referring to the country’s President. Its only those with little or no character, who will call the Head of State a ‘Wild Ass’ knowing full well he is safe while doing so!

    If this writer called out at Rajapakse similarly, when in his pomp
    then we have nothing to complain about.

  • 1

    To all those criticising MS , let’s not forget not too long ago we had a dictator , his family and cronies controlling every arm of government in this country devaluing the judiciary, policing , monetary and the media to name just a few.
    Media for example was forced to prostrate before them , refusal meant being made to disappear, or killed , others were driven out of the country, some were bought off by offering them laptops , third party or cronies were used to buy off media outlets critical of them and the lists goes on ……and on…
    True Sirisena is not the angel we were looking for but at least he was our saviour . Let’s give them at least 2 years to prove themselves before sticking the boot into them , is my call to all and every body .

    • 4

      donot forget the dictator also had a humble beginning. If the President is not ready to accept his mistakes at this stage its a bad sign. PM on the other side ridicules the opposing MP’s. By having a ‘friendly’ opposition this governments is trying to destroy democracy in this country. Its is true that P. vasudeva and Dinesh are fighting for independent political recognition which they do not have. That does not mean that what ever they say is rubbish. If CB transfers were regular disclose the period of service at a particular station and prove that they are due for transfer. We do not believe what the CB or PM says in this issue. The President is answerable to all this mess. Already ‘yapalanaya’ has been eroded, we do not want to see it completely wiped out. We needed a change that’s why we supported the Swan and the elephant, and let us not forget, its the hatred of the former regime and not the love for the personalities in the new regime that brought the new regime into power.

  • 1

    A lot of the comments above are valid and have been put across rationally and after a lot of thought, unlike the usual street style comments attacking personalities that make their sordid appearances here. This is a good sign and I hope augurs well for future comments on this news site.
    As for the comments by Mr President he is probably feeling the pressures of his position and is looking for more favorable Press coverage. Well, I think he should take cognizance of the comments here and elsewhere and view them critically and avoid treading on such paths again, and then he will get better coverage. C’mon Mr President we need you to get cracking and start moving forward with your proposals of good governance, you have been given enough time.

  • 1

    When media criticise Mahinda, it is freedom, now when media crticise appaya, I am soory I have no other word in me to call this fox.now suddenly it is wild ass freedom.
    Carefull CT. You are dealing with a party that sent 60000 youth to an early grave.

  • 0

    When did the English media barrack for Baiyas ( Dalits )?..

    Sira ought to be a Silly Ass to think that , the English media are on his side, simply because he gave the Elite, Batalnda Ranil, who couldn’t win even a chook raffle for them.

    It is true there are a few English media dudes who love the country and love the progress which the country has made during the last ten years , specially the 5 years since Mr Pirhaparan died in Nanthikadal.

    Those few even wouldn’t want to have a bar of Sira for his unpatriotic act of betraying the great majority to Batalanda and his coterie who have already started to cut the facilities which they got from the previous government.

    And Sira’s underhand deeds and deals to compromise the sovereignty of the nation which was restored at a great cost to the great majority.

  • 2

    Mr President
    I am writing with plenty of experience with different media around the world.Media freedom is the foundation for a fair and just society.Yes of course media people are vulnerable to mistakes and poor judgments. Let the public look after that you dont need to worry .They may publish undesirable articles which can be damaging short term, but in the long run,if you do the right thing, you have little to worry .
    Politicians should not get agitated with media.Let them do their job.In a society which has a strong media public including politicians are scared of any wrong doings as no one wants to be in the headlines for the wrong reason.
    You know this better than any one else especially with the recent experience with your sons UN visit.
    Don’t you think this is going to sharpen up a just society in which people get to know their rights and instances of violations of them.I think free media plays a big role in achieving that objective.
    Yes, when you have power you may not like the idea of media operating like Hawks behind you.
    However, Mr president we need them.You cannot give excuses as you came promising ” yahapalanaya”.You have to show your commitment by example and not by preach.I am bit shocked to hear the news of enormous expenditure you are planning to spend for your palace.Where is the simple man we elected.
    If you try to shift your path in another direction your wild ” ass” will start burning soon and you may follow the same fate as your predecessor for sure.
    Let us hope you will not tread towards a disaster like that.

  • 1

    Who ever the domesticated Donkey who wrote this article got the free laptop and the interest free Car loan.

    Most probably he is from CT.

  • 3

    I think we all mistook the idea of Media Freedom under Yahapalanaya.

    When Yahapalanaya said “We will have Media Freedom”, they actually meant the Media should only be free to praise Yahapalanaya, not criticise it.

    The fault is ours of course !

  • 1

    “.. media was using the new found freedom to slander selected politicians and other individuals with scant respect to media ethics..”

    Same treatment for new government, as previous government, very unbiased.

    But CT please do not insult our President or his family. It’s very unprofessional.

  • 3

    The title of the article refers
    to Sirisena as a wild ass, and there is
    nothing in the content to indicate that
    it was meant as anything but a derogatory

    Is that really called for? Neither very decent,
    nor indicative of neutral journalism, in my

  • 0

    If My3 cannot accept negative media reports then he must do the right thing by all of us.

    I can name a few bad things he has done since coming to power.

    1. Giving Ministerial portfolios for known rogues who were painstakingly defeated by the voter at the last general elections.

    2. Giving his daughter without portfolio the power to drag reluctant public servants and police through several villages.

    3. Taking his son on a joy ride to the UN at taxpayers expense.

    4. Seeking 180 million rupees for nothing other to bask in the glory of office, to show off in his BMW limousine and live in luxury instead of practicing moderation.

    As he has failed to stick to the Yahapalanaya plan he must accept some stick from the incensed media.

  • 0

    I can only imagine what Mahinda Rajapaksa had to go through!

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