1 March, 2024


‘Tell Her To Resign, I Will Give Her Some Other Position’ President Rajapaksa Called CJ’s Instructing Attorney

By Colombo Telegraph

President Mahinda Rajapaksa last night called Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake’s Instructing Attorney Kandiah Neelakandan to express his “disgust” at the behaviour of his MPs at the PSC which resulted in the Chief Justice’s walkout.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Making the call around 8 p.m. yesterday, President Rajapaksa told Neelakandan the senior partner of the firm Neelakandan and Neelakandan that is representing the Chief Justice to ask Bandaranayake to ‘go quietly’ by resigning. “I will give her some other position somewhere. Tell her to resign. I think there has been some injustice done to her husband as well, all that can be dropped,” Rajapaksa assured the senior lawyer.

“I had no idea these jokers had behaved like this,” the President told Neelakandan (mama danneth na me yakala karala thiyana wada)

The President also made a call to UNP MP  on the Parliamentary Select Committee, urging him to refrain from withdrawing from the PSC process.

“You people oppose it. But stay inside and oppose it. Don’t leave the committee,” the President said. However  Lakshman Kiriella is reported to have told the President that the opposition would make a collective decision on the matter.

The four Opposition members on the PSC today quit the committee citing a lack of clarity in the process and the biased behaviour of the Government MPs on the committee. Colombo Telegraph learns that the Rajapaksa Government is concerned that the boycott by opposition members on the committee would further de-legitimize the impeachment probe undertaken by the PSC, since the Chief Justice’s walkout yesterday will effectively make the proceedings and the judgment ex-parte.

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Latest comments

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    Keep you head straight Lady. Don’t fall in to this jackal’s
    trap. He is a venomous wiper (polanga) who is to be crushed before he jump and sting.

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    “Civilised discourse” is something you should have addressed your mind before using offensive words like “nonsense” “stupid” “unlearned” and so on that began this “posturing” now you complain of. Since you have used such shrill language against others in these pages as well, I suggest you concentatre on temperate and polite language when you address those who disagree with you. The absence of which will not do you well, as it is now.

    I encourage and expect a healthy debate on the 2-Nations in 1-Country formulae but cannot remain silent against deliberate personal abuse.
    I notice you now come out with accommodative language viz;- “a man with your intellect” and will surely meet courtesy with more courtesy. I do not dispute “there are many who are impressed with my words” purely because I speak only in the pursuit of peace and unity for all Sri Lankans and against widely accepted injustice to the Tamil Nation. If you will allow me, I do not have the burden of writing one thing and having to bother as to what some Controllers watch what I am writing. If your thoughts are on innuendos here, please remember the suspicion other Tamil readers express about you in these very pages which must, one believes, have some rational basis.

    I fear you try to twist my comments on Mao’s thoughts in the context of this hoax of a Chinthana, which you have now descended upon to defend. But that is your prerogative I must remind you respectfully I know something about Mao’s Thoughts and the steadfast stand of the great Deng that transformed the face of China. My regret is that action of our pygmies in trying to mislead the innocents here their “Chinthana” was in Mao’s league. It was’nt and that is my point. That the regime came out with this comedy of the Chinthana and stole the reins of power is being regularly commented upon in the whole country – which appear not to know. One can easily assume why not.

    As to the two “intellectuals” allow me say I have sufficient sense to distinguish between Nationalists and demagogues. These two cranks, unfortunately, do not fit into the description of Nationalists. As to if they are pseudo-Nationalists – Yes. That is the view of many in the Sinhala academia as well.

    Shabra Finance is not the only crime against the Tami people. There are others – outside the political spectrum – who had committed anti-social acts against them that they will not forget.

    As to the Swimming Pool, my concern is not if it is just a mosquito-infested hole now and is presently abandoned – as you claim. My point then was that this Pool Project – that could have been completed in a about 3 months but allowed to take years to complete. It was promised under much fanfare and then callously forgotten. It was that point of tryint to take the Tamil people for a ride that I took issue with. It is, due to bothersome voices like mine, it eventually saw the light of day is something you cannot deny. So, pray tell me, Sir, where is the need to “wriggle out of” here?

    In this great wisdom you try to flaunt you say “the high and the mighty you met and conversed” is hollow and inaccurate. If I am to understand your view is I do not know anyone of consequence, my good man, you are welcome to your opinion. I will remain content with my facts – which you might come to know soon someday.

    I regret this spat because I have regard and consideration for your learning and contribution here. I must insist this began due to your initial aberration that I resisted. I am willing to put this behind as we should concentrate on much more complex issues facing the country.


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    Dear Gamini (Dec 08/5.38 pm) – He is real. Two Brothers take interest in the Tamil issue. I believe he is a Vet with many years in the Arab countries. Well read and my reading is he believes in a future of peaceful cooperation with the Sinhalese in an undivided – something I encourage and believe in. It appears to me of late he identifies more with the truant regime – often unduly, that is perplexing. Tends to lose his bearings on those who do not subscribe to his views on specific issues.

    While those who articulate issues in the Tamil Nation raise their voices against injsutice from the State, their work gets complicated when the State infiltrates and gains quizlings. If you read comments from Tamils in these pages and elsewhere, such elements are easily detected and treated with scorn.


    • 0

      Thanks Senguttuvan. I believe as much as there are Sinhalese who have thrived on this Ethnic Issue since Independence, there appears that there are Tamils like K.T. Rajasingham of Asian Tribune fame, who are eager and willing to share the spoils with such low bred Sinhalese Humbugs.

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    Mr Sengutuan ,shouldn’it be Four in One for the simple reason that the Muslim people are the sigle largest minority at present and it is politically incorrect to exclude the Burghurs who have been inhabitants for at least five centuries?

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    This man wants to have the cake and eat it too.He wants to have a rigged PSC and also want the 4 opposition MP’s to stay in the PSC and also wants the accused to resign too.What else does he want to make it perfect.Nothing actually because the other ‘favour’ he was refferring to of dropping of the case against her husband will stop any maggots coming out when he tells the court who asked him to buy the Finance company shares in the first place.

    The only thing in the photograph that is missing in his face in the ‘choopee’.In case you are wondering what that is,it is the thing that the new born is suckling.

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    I feel that Dr.Rajasingham like Ananda Sangaree and a few other Tamils both here and abroad seem to have an Uncle Tom attitude.:)
    (In the black community, the term Uncle Tom eventually came to mean an African American who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man” including betray his own people.)

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    ” if you read comments from Tamils in these pages and elsewhere, such elements are easily detected and treated with scorn”.

    The comments of the so-called Tamils that appear under various guises, are an organised effort by a few to prevent a dialogue and alternate points of view. What you describe as scorn is a manifestation of naming anyone who opposes a particular ideology a ‘ Traiter’. I do not fortunately pay much heed such contrived public opinion.

    What was the greater injustice? Was dragging the Tamils into a war they did not want, forcing them to become canon fodder, ignoring their post-war circumstances and inventing stories to put spokes in the rehabilitation and re-building process, justice? Was unscrupulously pursuing a failed political agenda/ideology, in the name of a people who were battered and brought to their knees justice? Was highlighting this political chicanery and foul play an injustice?

    I do not intend to play to the gallery. I remain independent and will do what is above board to ensure that the Tamils are treated as equal citizens in this country in every way possible and yet be Tamils, in every sense of the word, not withstanding the imputation in the terms quisling, infiltration and handlers used rather diplomatically.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

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    For sure, this bugger MR only knows one thing so perfect according to a reliable source from Temple Trees, which is how deep the a**h**e of a young MP CVG, who joins him in almost every overseas trip he makes.

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    I am a little baffled by this news item. It implicitly admits that the Parliamentary Select Committee behaved in a manner unbecoming of itself. If so! a fresh committee must be appointed.

    Secondly if a person is guilty of any of the offences of misbehaviour, How can she be given another position? Chief Justice Sharvananda accepted the position of a Governorship of province only to be relieved by a succeeding President.

    Mr. President! You know the consequences of a motion of this kind! Now you cant take it back! Less said the better!

  • 0

    Following millitary victory against Ltters:

    Election held in 2010: in order to get reelected : Many in and out of the country strongly believed that Computer gilmart and all kind of vote rigging dominated most violated election in the history to have held in the country since independece- but together with the support of poor rural masses – he was able to celebrate the stolen victory as nothing went wrong – no explanation was also given to any media


    Election held in PC levels: timely or perhaps much earlier than usual just to consolidate the power – leaving masses´ grieved problems aside which is no other than struggling the surival in the made environment due to unexpected unbearable higher cost of living levels –specially for the poorest of the poor which make up the majority of nation

    SF imprisonment: Accusing of him for to have engaged in politics and being corrupted by deals in terms of purchase of weapons amounting millions and billions – the verdict was nobody´s eyes fair but for the rulers. Upon the international pressure on the MR regime, he had to release SF but without his rights. The latter is seen beyong being UNFAIR, but rulers continue

    Investigations againt Barath killers: Core killers of the murders are close confidiantes of the President – further extension for Duminda´s term is seen made but govt evasive reason not to have examined the accused – just he is medically not ina position. The question of why then his extension of leave is approved (knowing his no come back considering the brain damage situ)- s been nobody´s interest.

    18 Amd: the masses and the opposition fought against, but for their ease in taking arbitory actions whatever it is the case – this they the rulers got passed in the parliament

    CJ impeachment: She is being attacked to the lowest abusive manner- no civilized norms and regulations seem to be in action in the most respectful (once upon a time) assembly – the parliament. If ruling MPs or minister had behaved this way- western style parlimentarians would join work on immeidately suspend those ministers. No even signs are there- instead top leadership has contacted the lawyers of the CJ to advise for her resignation. Unique dictator, Tsunami fund embazzler, most abusive president in the history has been becoming more unpredictable to the many

  • 0

    Dear Leela (Dec 9 – 3/52 am) If a serious and meaningful discourse is in your Agenda you must come out with better than this stale stuff of “LTTE sympathiser” “Separatist” etc you associate me with. That fascist outfit has no idea (as far as I know) who I am and where I come from although years ago I met one of their lesser higher-ups and have had chats both here and abroad with some clearly associated with them. In most of these encounters, I left them with the impression they will not succeed. I simply ignore the rot you throw about in that lesson I learned from the Compassionate One. You know Buddhism more than I do. It is said when someone hurled abuse after abuse the one the Buddha is said to have calmly and wisely said “please take your abuse with me. It does not belong to me” The words may be different but the message sought to be conveyed, I believe, is more in line.

    You often say I am strongly anti-MR and go about as you have some form of Licence from the Rajapakses to speak for them. I wonder at all if you have ever met MR formally. I am pleased he has been a friend of mine for many years. He knew, at the latter stages, I do not share
    his socio-economic-political views. If it satisfies you, he asked me not long ago to bring along a few common friends to Kandy when he was honoured with the Rohanajanaranjana (??) and insisted on a group photo with us. More recently, when my wife and I were invited to the Kelaniya Maha Vihara, where he/Mrs were due, he broke security to greet both of us. In terms of PR I don’t think we ever had one leader in that excellence – neither ever will we.

    By the way, if some of those who comment on yours think of you as female, please correct them. I notice you do not – unless, of course, you suffer a trans-sexual thing inclination.


  • 0


    What Anura says are blatant lies – Vijitha
    What Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to probe allegations against Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake in the impeachment motion brought by the government, says are all lies says JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath, who was a member representing the opposition in the PSC.

    Mr. Herath said this at a press conference held at the main office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (9th) morning.

    Speaking further Mr. Herath said, “From the commencement of the proceedings of the PSC Chief Justice’s lawyers asked for evidence. Not a single paper was given. It was only on the 5th December the committee mediated and got down several documents. The lawyers were handed over these documents on eh 6th at 4.30 p.m. As Parliamentarians we were given only a part of the documents. The documents were given on the 6th and the lawyers were asked to respond on the 7th. They expected lawyers to respond to the matters arising from documents within 24 hours. However, the Parliamentarians are given a month to study the report. This indicates the injustice in the whole process. No time was given to present matters or lead evidence. The lawyers continued to request. However, the majority in the committee did not listen to it. Stating that a period of 22 days was given is a blatant lie.”


  • 0

    This is how MR comes to appoint his close henchmen ” I Will Give Her Some Other Position ” over 90% of the appointment he made since 2005 are through this kind of deals – the qualifications are secondary for him except the current case. But the grand lady would not admit his offers easily.

  • 0

    First, the telephone call, second he will send the white van to pick her up

  • 0

    President is direcing a drama. He has written the scripts for the Speaker, Anura Yapa and all others in the Parliamentary Select Commitee. Additionally he has given special instructions to Wimal W and Rajitha to be harsh. Parliamentarian Drug Baron Mervin was asked to play his Mariakade role inside and outside Parliament.
    Now President has commenced his secons phase of the drama by calling Attorney Neelakandan to give a dead rope to the CJ and he will deny it anytime if necessary. He denied his statement made personally to the Indian Foreign Secretary regarding 13 plus.
    The only remedy is to kick him out through a well consolidated opposition movement. However the difficulty for that is Ranil Wickramasinghe who has given him a firm assurance to keep the opposition weak for another 6 years. THEREFORE THE NATION HAS TO KICK OUT RANIL FIRST AND PROCEED WWITH THE SECOND TO WHICH THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE COUNTRY WILL EXTEND A WILLING SUPPORT

    • 0

      Sathkumar, I am not finding fault with you as wisdom does not dawn to all at the same time, which you expose with your references to RW. It is exactly for people of your ilk that we have a leader in the calibre of MR. If many were wise in this society, which is not the case, this society would have been spared of such as MR, as a Leader. It takes more maturity, for the ignorant in society as you, to understand RW. Read RW’s speech he has made at the International Human Rights day. You will witness in the coming months who this man RW is.

  • 0

    Good reading Satkumara. We must hear more from you in these columns.
    I differ with you on Ranil, who waits for the regime to collapse so that some of our friendds in the West, who have much faith in his abilities, will help Sri Lanka unite and rebuild. But MR has other ideas. He will see the country through civil war, dividing the army, to save all the loot he and the Family have looted and to remain in power. But as history tells us the best of plans often go awry and by that argument plans of those with low IQs can collapse faster.

    It is those priests in the Buddhist heirarchy who must come out of their hiding and save the country going to ruin. But will they?
    Their half-hearted appeal recently was crafted in language of fear.
    They still remember the threat MR sent to them through that thug in robes Elle Gunawanse to turn both Malwatta and Asgiriya precincts into rivers of blood if that Great Gathering of the Maha Sangha planned a few years ago was to go ahead.


  • 1

    What a load of baloney.

    The West which Mr Sengutuan is reffering to , especially our friend Mr Cameron has to do something to pull the poor masses out of the deepening recession there, before he can build anything for us.

    Besides, can Mr Sengutuan name any substantial structure these Westerners have built to help the inhabitants.

    Hopefully Mr Sengutuan will refrain from pointing to the up coming Hyatt Regency Towers to house 600 6 star suites to rake in the dollars from the Million plus tourits ,starting from next year.

    A North Indian who earns his dough working in Srilanka as a consultant in a privat company, told me the other day that the current President has done a tremendous job to lift this country to a standard which Indians are envy of.

    And he has been working in Srilanka for nearly two decades.

    He went further to say that within the next five years, it will be a tremendous place to live and work.

    Talking about curruption, even if Rajapaksa takes 25% the rest 75% is spent to develop the country, he said..

    And in his own words the Politicians in his country pocket the whole lot.

    And his last comment was the most interesting. And here it is “You know my friend,the problem is those idiots in Tamil Nadu,

  • 0

    Mr Sumanasekera – The Hyatt Towers you speak of is nothing new. It was started by Lalitha Kotelawala’s outfit nearly 9 years ago and remained abandoned for nearly 5 years after it almost reached its completion.
    The Project collapsed with Lalith K in 2008. Who the new shadow owners are and how they came to acquire this wealth is in conformity with the venal culture the regime is now known for – locally and overseas.
    So, if you thought this 45-storied building came by as a result of this regime you have a couple of thinks coming your way. By the way,
    I own an Apartment in the vicinity and know what I’m talking about.

    I hope the Indian initiative of the $450 million Krrish Transworks Towers come through. It will do much good to the country’s image and economy. But there is a long way to go there although I am glad initial engineering operations have begun. If you recall, there were many Indian recent initiatives by flybynights from there – working with local crooked men with “high connections” (one at Bambalapitiya 40 stories on the sea-side; another at Rajagiriya – said to be a $400 million project) They did not take off because our alert bankers threw them out. They were approved on the basis of bringing 80-90% of the Project value. But they just showed evidence of coming in with paltry sums and used the influence of their connections to get the balance money from our banks. This is the kind of “FDI” that is flooding the BoI.


    • 0

      Senguttuvan, it is very true that there are various types of characters coming as Investors. First they approach the head of state and talk of billions. Then they bring part of the Investment and try to raise the money here and when they fail they quitely fade away. I have personal experience that after I was kicked out for blowing the whistle for day light robbery of state funds by the Minister, I got an appointment as Advisor Administration in one of these Companies. For one thing they are bad pay masters as they never pay in time. Thereafter both gigantic projects they had undertaken were abandonned since 2009.

  • 0

    Our friends Gamini and Senguttuwan obviously live abroad or in an ivory towers.It is the weakness of the opposition which has been exploited by MR and his click mostly the family. RW obviously feels nervous to challenge MR at an election and has adopted a twin objective policy to defend his position as the leader of the opposition which he enjoys at will and to maintain a secret pact with RW. s Remember the overnight Sirikotha road carpeting few months back to prevent a group of UNPERS from conducting a meeting there. You saw the excessive presence of Police and the STF on the Dec.1ST Meeting?

    True, RW is an educated man with ideas and a good speaker to impress Colombo circles and a few overseas fora. However the most important and fundamental issue is this. Does he have the most essential sensitivity needed by a politician aspiring to lead? Doed he feel and understand the pulse of the ordinary, people of this country? Can anyone except a few who have financial, social or other interests, genuinely feel that he is our representative? How did he role the two year period when he became the PM in 2002 thanks to a group of SLFP defectors? Just read the report of the Committee appointed by the Party after the defeat and headed by no less a person of the caliber of Late Mr. NGP Panditharatne for the reasons of the failure of the UNP rule led by RW as Prime minister.
    It is not my own wish and the silent prayer, but of the vast majority of the people of the country including right thinking leaders of all faiths, an d considerable section of the governing parties that RW the road block should be removed if Srilankans were to get rid of the corrupt and the dictatorial family regime.

  • 0

    I agree with reader Satkumara there are many faults with RW. But he is streets ahead in calibre and honour from the common thieves,ill-educated and the mendacious we are now fated to call as our leaders. He started rich and comes from a highly regarded family. He is reticent and barricades himself with his “exclusive” Royal College brigade, giving rise to the belief he is swollen-headed and wants to keep himself aloof. I am sure by now he has learned his lessons. I agree with your comments on the Panditharatne Report that I have taken up myself. When I asked Weragoda about this he lied he did not know of it. I offered to lend him a copy – which a friend had lent to me.

    Even in today’s weakened UNP Ranil – together with John A, Bradman, Malik S, Attanayake, Kabir Hashim, Karunasena Kodituwakku and others will do a better job than the present non-performers. Karu and Sajith should be encouraged to join the other side. Ravi, Kiriella and the lot should be advised following the Rajapakse type of governance will take them nowhere.

    The UNPs major problem is to convince the rural Sinhala voter they are far removed from the UNP of 1948-1956. The image of the Party they are pro-capitalist, pro-Tamil and pro-Christian should be effectively changed. Not that these are bad by themselves but one has to take the sensitivities of the electrorate to account as well if one is to win elections. Above all, Ranil should not be given an exclusive controlling role. It has to be a Committee of at least 5-6 established consistent UNPers.

    But, my friend, if you think after 6 years of clear bad governance the Rajapakses are making you happy and will take care of the country as it should be, I am not disputing you. After all, it takes many types to make this world.


  • 0


    You identified yourself as a Kovian by caste. I have pointed out that a Kovia =Govia= Vellalah. I have also explained how Goviya’s became temple slaves/servants. They were thereafter categorized into a caste, other Tamils called Koviyar. According to history the Koviyas were Sinhalese who became Tamils. There is nothing to be ashamed of this. The comparison I made with new converts is a known truth. You deny you are a Koviya now. Your caste does not matter to me. In fact the caste identity is something I abhor. However, your responses,language and characterizations do not befit any caste. Meet an argument with an argument or state your position, without trying to force someone to shut-up or react suitably.

    Whoever you may be in real life, I had no intention of insulting you as an individual. If had done so inadvertently, I apologize.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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