24 May, 2022


Sirisena Reneges On His Promises Again: Refuses To Accept Second NCM Against Rajapaksa

President Maithripala Sirisena has reneged on his promises once again, as he has refused to accept the legality of the second no-confidence motion adopted against Mahinda Rajapaksa.


At a meeting with Parliamentarians of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) this evening, at the Presidential Secretariat, Sirisena had said he could not accept the second no-confidence motion as his advice had not been followed.

Sirisena, at a meeting with party leaders, last evening, said he could accept the no-confidence motion minus the first clause. He requested party leaders to pass an ‘amended ‘ no-confidence motion and promises that he had no issue about accepting the will of the legislature.

Upon Sirisena’s promise, the party leaders today passed an amended no-confidence motion without the first clause which challenged the gazette notifications issued by the President. Hours after the no-confidence motion was adopted, Sirisena had said he was not in a position to accept him, making a 180 degree turn.

Sirisena had also told the SLPP group that he would not appoint UNP Leader Ranil Wickemesinghe as the Prime Minister again, under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, addressing a press conference earlier today, JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath said Sirisena’s brain should be checked if he refused to accept the second no-confidence motion.

As the JVP Parliamentarian predicted, Sirisena has now reneged on his promises, bringing the political crisis back to square one.

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    It’s a shame for all Sri lankans. President should be impeached. I don’t why UNF JVP and TNA holding out. Such a low moral man is a shame for the nation. MR is worried of his family suites in the courts so he wants to be in power by hook or by crook. Surely he would bribed Sirisena or written and given the Marriott Hotel in Dubai. Best thing at moment is to impeach the President and as there is NO government the Speaker will be the ruler of the country until a President is elected from the Parliament temporarily.

    • 12

      on the 19th, this man will find some other perceived opinions in favour of [edited out] Rajaakshe.
      Now this weak man is caught by the devils.
      Good riddance for bad rubbish !

      • 1

        Simon De Silva ,

        This is now an opportunity not only to lambaste the Gangster Duo
        but also to look at ourselves , our past (short and long) and present
        that hold key to the ‘Tomorrow’ which has been reduced to the
        lowest in terms of any dignity and prosperity ! We had a time even a
        Local councillor was held in reasonable esteem and most of them
        went to the council either on Bicycles , by bus or on foot and they
        were not unhappy about their mode de transport ! People elected
        them and gave them the due respect . Today we elect a President
        and hot on the heels , his brother gets chopped off by a well known
        enemy to him ! Remember , it is not a minor matter in Srilankan
        culture , no one brave to even assault verbally a man close to an M P !
        Now , this is brother of the President ! Such was his background !
        And now , the President brother is biting the hands that fed him !
        It is not new to see in our country BITING THE HANDS THAT FEED !
        THE LEAD TO ENCOURAGE IT ! Building the power by offering bribes
        to crossover is such an act . MAHINDA is the unbeatable hero in the
        act !

        • 1

          There should be a moveent against the media mafia in the country.

          Media should not work only for RAJAKASHE Junta.

          Whatever being spread by MEDIA outreach the masses.

          Today, headline captureing news items are exclusively to Rajakshes why ?

          Just becasue those MUDALALIS want to earn millions .. selfish commercial gains. tHEY DONT care about the truths being outreached to the masses.

          Please guys, focus on that… that is the main barrier inthe country TODAY.

          Yesterday brawl in the parliament is no given healine CAPTURING news item why ?

          If MEDIA to be HUMAN and pro human, they should change Rajaakshe SLAVE MINDEDE ness and build up the nation: BASTA

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      MS and MR have set a Catch-22 trap.
      Without MR first being removed from the PM’s post, the removal of MS would only result in MR automatically inheriting the presidential seat as incumbent PM. That would be an even worse situation as he could then appoint one of his thugs as PM.
      MR has to go first. MS can follow.

      • 1

        K C John ,

        First thing is U N P got to be steadfast , sticking to the gun ! Even in the
        event of an impeachment , MAHINDA can not become a president . 19 A
        will block the door ! And from another viewpoint , already the parliament
        has declared , there’s no P M and no cabinet now ! So , we are at the
        moment without a government but under an UNDERWORLD MAFIA !
        SPONSORED BY A POSSIBLY mentally retarded man who is playing with
        people’s mandate . This can not go too far , there will be some
        intervention , good or bad . A second N C M was unnecessary in my view !
        The AUTHOR of this coup should be MARA DEN .

    • 3

      Seyyed Quraish Moulana,

      “It’s a shame for all Sri lankans. President should be impeached. I don’t why UNF JVP and TNA holding out.”

      They need 150, 2/3 majority to get Sririsena a bed at the Angoda Mental Hospital.

      Even then, he will claim it was not counted correctly, and will ask for a recount, just like what he is doing now.

      This sad saga has to be take to the Supreme court, and if the constitution is continued to be violated, the masses will have to enforce the Constitution ob Srisisena.

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    Sirisena has no shame and that’s what makes him dangerous. Day in and day out, he proves to us that he has no shame and integrity. We’ve never had a president with no shame — and it’s become a huge source of power for him and trouble for the peace loving citizens. When a president with no shame is backed by a party (JO) with no spine and a network with no integrity, you have a huge problem.
    Sirisena is giving Sri Lanka and the world a lesson in the value of shame – and the power of shamelessness. Through his actions most vividly (his firing of the Prime Minister and his comments about it since ; his dissolution of Parliament), he has taught us that shame performs a vital democratic function – and how dangerous is the man who feels none of it. Technically, a president may have the power to do so but it’s just that the unwritten rules have always said a president shouldn’t. I doubt Sirisena understood those unwritten rules when he walked all over them.
    It’s sad, pathetic and it’s a shame that our written constitution cannot protect our country from a determined assault on its democracy.

    I feel very sad for Sri Lanka !!!!!

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    There is robably nothing worse than the current political stalemate that could happen to Sri Lanka, with a madly arrogant, shameless President with utter disregard for the Contitution and norms of Parliament and an illegitimate government led by a gang of moronic thugs desperately trying to have another go at robbing the country. Hate to say this but perhaps it could be a better option to have the military take over the country to break the impasse, restore normalcy and rule of law, and eventually democratic elections. This can only happen with a military leader who is prepared to put the interest of the country before his own.

  • 4

    Have just one often asked question.

    1)Ranil and The President both promised to abolish the Executive Presidency, but did not, Can Ranil or anyone from his camp explain to the public why it was not completely abolished in few words,

    We do not need reasons for trimming the Executive vulture’s wings and why it was the bird made its way into the house, because even a child will understand the 19 amendment was an eye wash with no power to the Parliament at all.

    Note:MAHINDA Rajapakshe is probably the only Politician of our times who never promised to abolish the Executive Presidency and in fact he has openly showing signs he wants it to be enhanced with more powers to an Executive PM. (LIFE TIME PM)

    At least the man is honest in” “with his ambitions, not hiding it.

    And if he wins the next general election, he will make sure his ambitiion is fulfilled and be sure even those who danced in the Parliament will be put in their place, their dance will end and the serving spoon will be in his hand and serving will be highly curtailed.

    Wait and hope two great words

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    He is oscillating between two groups. when he meets the UNF, TNA & JVP he promises one thing and when his own group interprets the matters in their version he forgets the promise he made to the other group. He is the weakest president the country has seen so far and he has plunged the country into a dangerous precipice.

  • 2

    Friday parliament had a noticeable scenario where presumably one of the
    co-directors of THE BRAWL , THE FRIEND OF THAJUDEEN , and an
    outstanding RUGBY KING plus the future leader who obtained membership
    from BUD even before his father , was sucking a feeding bottle that his
    mommy gave ! VERY DECENTLY BROUGHT UP CHILDREN who take their
    bottles with them even to RUGBY MATCHES ! The set up was clearly visible .
    Johnston who was in and out of prison was chosen to lead . And they are
    proud of being the favorites of thugs of their masters ! Srilankans must
    decide on them .

  • 1

    Now it’s beginning to emerge that this struggle in the Parliament is one between the educated and the uneducated representatives of our country, who are in the 225. Just look at the faces of those who were throwing all those copies of the constitution and the bibles and geetha and anything of literate value! They were all the eighth grade or below ones, who made their wealth with all the frauds and ethanol and the drug scenes. The Johnston’s, Buruwanses sumathipalas Aluthgamages of this world directed by another no Olevels, Leader MR! Mahinda Samarasinghe Amunugama Not seen.
    Whereas the ones who received the blows were Speaker Jayasooriya, Anura Dissanayake, Herath, Ratnayake, Mangala, Ravi Karu Harsha De Silva, Ajit Perera etc.
    No wonder the eighth grade Storekeeper cum GS is gallently supporting them, lying to every Tom Dick and Harry to keep the battle going! That’s his card game!

  • 1

    What is needed today is not to remove MAHINDA or dissolve The Parliament.

    As it is clearly evident the entire 225 members are unable to think of the public welfare and the entire lot are only interested in clinging unto power at the cost of public fund of Rs 25,000,000 a day along with the destruction of public property while the majority of the public are struggling to live their day to day life and some are living below poverty level it is my personal plea to the professionals of the judiciary to take charge of the situation and urge the Supreme Court to call upon The Election office to bring in a Referendum for people to vote for a change of constitution.

    I strongly believe not a single political camp has in them the right to decide for the people anything until the people by vote decides what kind of Constitution they really want for the future generations.

    Let the people go to polls to vote for a constitution they believe is right.

    If they want to keep the present failed Executive system. With the fake amendment 19 or reverse it to the Previous JR’s dictatorship executive or they want the west Minister, let them. Decide, once the constitution preferred by the people is endorsed , let the go for a general election or presidential as per the peoples decision, right now people have no voice in The Parliament.

    I like to see how honestly Supreme the people are, who are rralky the Supreme of the nation and not anyone else.

  • 0

    We do not need reasons for trimming the Executive vulture’s wings and why it was the bird made its way into the house, because even a child will understand the 19 amendment was an eye wash with no power to the Parliament at all.


    We do not need reasons for trimming the “Executive vulture’s” wings and why the bird was allowed to make its way into the house,even a child will understand the 19 amendment was an eye wash with no power to the Parliament at all.


    Note to some who take everything literally ,

    “Executive vulture’ doe not refer to a person ,it is a figure of speech a reference and to the Executive system .

    I am believe most on this forum would have understood it ,what worries is when its interpreted in other languages.

    Often comments that use .
    idioms like ‘barking dogs seldom bite’ or ‘one donkey at a time ‘are taken very literately and transformed in the minds as offensive due to the lack of understanding of The English Idioms , and thus used as a tool of hate and spread to the non English speaking community on social media .
    (I am sure every language has its own idioms )

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    The supreme court!s final decision will decide the fate of Sri lankans and Sri lanka once and for all forever.

    So be patient , nothing else can be done.

  • 1

    Oh! Come on!. The man (HE MY3) has a habit of blowing hot and blowing cold. Don’t be surprised that he would tell one chap that the glass of water given to him is boiling hot and in the next instance telling another that it is ice-cold. In that sense this story, at least the headlines are not newsworthy. We all know that underneath the whole thing is paranoia, the fear for his life. The Mahagamasekara Mawatha, the Paget Road renamed was open to traffic but now it is closed. It is fools like us who believe in him should be whipped black and blue using the “Maduwaligaya”, the preferred whip of MY3. If the Speaker and the MP’s believed him, they too should be publicly whipped in the Singapore style for being PRICE FOOLS.

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