16 January, 2021


Daham Sirisena Responds To Nepotism Charge

Daham Sirisena, son of President Maithripala Sirisena, who came in for a lot of flak for accompanying his father to the UN General Assembly although he had no official representative status has posted a ‘rebuttal’ on his Facebook page (where he describes himself as a public figure). The following is the full note posted by the young Sirisena;

Dear friends,

What is nepotism? The real meaning behind it is the abuse of power with influence favoring one’s children, relatives and friends especially by giving them occupations. Open your minds to this definition and take a moment to think whether this is being practiced in Sri Lanka now. Many have been criticizing my visit to the Delegation, saying that it is nepotism and that i am unjustifiably abusing my father’s power. Let me put my friends’ minds at rest, by firstly saying that i was officially invited to the Delegation since my mother couldn’t attend. Secondly by attending the event i got the opportunity to attend the youth-led event of SDG which made me understand the goals which is needed for the country to be more prosperous. How could my attendance be a negative effect to the country? How could my attendance be the downfall of the country? I urge you all not to compare me and my family with the past regiments as we are far different from them.

At the event The officials stated that, next time to bring in more youths with more innovative ideas which could in turn enrich our country by seeing my presence. I believe that this is a great opportunity to give positive recognition to our country.

Daham Sirisena UN


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Latest comments

  • 24

    Never step foot again at the UN Assembly. My son.
    Say sorry first it might help you to move forward in life the country will never forget this stigma.

    • 3

      Dhaham Putha,

      Please learn to tell the truth and write to the point. You did not address the critic; you try to distract the reader.

      Not to insult you; go to a better tailor and make good suites. Go to a Finishing school or learn from learned Senior friends on etiquette…eating properly with fork and spoon etc. When you ware the coat and trousers, you do not look comfortable. The Analyst,Nalaka Gunawardena and others were right. Please read my comprehensive advise to you and father as an older man, as it appears in a reply to Nalaka.In all photos you look like a former Buddhist priest in modern Western Clothes.
      Good Luck

  • 31

    don’t try to justify the unjustifiable. you were sitting in the UN, only because of your father. Other then that you don’t have any qualification to represent our country. This is called nepotism!

    Our leaders need to change their behavior to have true good governance. All kinds of corruption, nepotism and racism should be stopped in the bud.

    We need good actions and less preaching from the politicians. They should remember ordinary people are not fools and they are watching!

  • 33

    You are a free-loader. There are thousands of better educated, qualified youngsters in Sri Lanka who could have used this opportunity.

    Do not try to justify your wrong doings.

  • 13

    Sri Lankans are thought they were lucky to have got rid of a meeharaka. But see what has been dumped on them: a donkey.

    Funny: “which could in turn enrich our country by seeing my presence”.

    Much better if we just kept the Mahinda Pakaraksha.

  • 13

    MR must be laughing from his back side!
    Any way still not too late for MS and Ranil to correct these things. If you don’t the 2020 will be for JVP.
    First thing MS should do on his return from NY is to remove that arrogant Arjun Mahendran forthwith and put the CBSL in order.

    • 4

      No he should be there.. why should AM be there- knowing that there are all kind pot holes in the system left by previous kin ping – fund sucker family friend of MR ?

      Do you know that CB had not whatsoever LEGAL DEPARTMENT IN ITS OWN to react accordingly under the lead of MR ?

      Wait and see Baggage boy and the like would surface almost many things in the days to come. Lies of that grade would never stay burried that long…. even if the SRILANKENS in general are the most abusive friendly easily manipulative folks AKIN to an any other third world country. They would do anything for a rice packet or a smile to hurt the other. Just see it clearly the way bugger Dayan Jaya behaves these days – as if he is the mouthpiece of UPFA dissidents – as if he is the most knowledgeble person.. as if he is the person to drop those statements – man is self intoxicated… being fallen down to his 4 walls.

  • 14

    Oh my god he is digging the pit he is in much deeper. I have no problem of Son replacing Mother. He might even have innovative ideas. He could be a smart chap. But at this point of time, public has overwhelmingly rejected such action by the former regime. And his request to refrain from comparing this act to those committed by MR is a slap on the face of free thinking.

  • 25

    Daham Sirisena,

    Firstly, you could never ‘replace’ your mother. If your mother had attended, we would not be commenting.

    You, Daham, are a callow young man with a haughty and arrogant sense of entitlement, and prone to violent outbursts, usually when backed up by your security detail.

    You have an unreconstructed character, and you have not been held to account for serious misdemeanours that you have committed.

    The President was elected to establish new and higher standards of governance, including behaviour, in public life.

    Apropos ‘the opportunity to attend the youth-led event of SDG’ I can think of at least a dozen or more decent young people, infinitely more qualified and capable of representing our country, and who would project an altogether far more favourable impression of our young people.

    You write ‘I urge you all not to compare me and my family with the past regiments as we are far different from them’ Believe you me, young man, WE the people would love to, but on the evidence we have seen so far, there are serious grounds for thinking that we seem to be getting more of the same.

    In these days we live in a global village and your sullied reputation has spread far and wide. Contacts have told me that there were guffaws behind the hands you shook. This would have been a distraction, and an undermining of your father’s judgement. The last thing that wish is to see his position ridiculed.

    Daham, retreat and clear your name. With sincere humility there is much that you can do, hands on, to show that you are not in the mould of the other brats who have plagued our country with bad behaviour and cheesier smiles. We are a forgiving lot, and we do recognise the power of genuine atonement. When that is done, then, you will have a future to be truly proud of.

    I commend all those who have taken time to comment. Not to do so would be to accept that ‘everything is fine and dandy’ and that would only lead others to think that this is perfectly acceptable behaviour. It cannot be. Entitlement leads to impunity and impunity may well lead to another diplomat getting a slapping, or worse. You know that is the last thing on our minds.

    • 3

      The only way to control the Sirisena’s appears to be to castrate the males starting with this brat.

  • 16

    Daham must first explain in what capacity he attended
    the UN . The UN is closed to the general public during
    the high-level meetings and debates in September.What’s
    his position apart from being the son of Srilanka’s
    president ? Father and son made a big mistake and
    instead of feeling the guilt , Daham is trying to justify
    it like a typical average citizen of our country
    unfortunately ! Is he the kind of youth getting ready to
    make a better Srilanka tomorrow ? My3,correct your
    actions ! You are already walking a crab walk and your
    son is closely following on !I seriously doubt if we can
    have a better Srilanka in another five hundred years!

    • 12

      Dahama should keep quiet closing his both ends.

      His father and the delegation should be accoutable to answer the question. Laeders of countries should be very thooughtful of making any decisions before siblings, offsprings or other relatives let take part in international events such as this

      This is not something but a great event that the nation is being represented. GA of UNO – is not srilanken parliament. The entire world sees it

  • 5

    Yours Excellency,

    You are d best person to let us know the actual position of your son’s visit to the US with you.

    Until then chaps b calm n cool.

    • 2


      just attacking for no reasons – as if paranoid of the day.. cant bring anything – just rattling.. I hate sometimes, SOCIAL MEDIA… that has become a virus to lankens (1 mio – 1 in five) – where I stay here Germany- they dont make it a big issue through FB – since media are being controlled in this part of the world – even if they call it a democracy. I think it is good and bad too.. irrespnosible adds can mostly distract people causing higher charactor assasinations.

  • 10

    It was meeharak Rajapakshas

    What love does Donkies have for the country and those who do not know the difference between a REGIME and a REGIMENT……….

    It appears, Ranil is providing enough rope for the SIRISENA to hang.
    Ok buddy……….. here is another gaffee !!!!
    If Aiyo Sirisena is unaware if protocols, he should at least consult the “andaya” Mahinda Mama. He would give the right ropes.

    No youth in Polonnaruwa so took Daham……. Why did not the Prez consider taking a Youth from Thondamannar? There are better educated youth here.
    What qualifications ? Daham Sirisena, London, England.
    Even Her Majesty gets murdered openly in the Facebook by the Gamarala’s son of polonnaruwa.

    Deiyo Sakki !!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9

    Make hay while the sun shines. MS must be thinking I am here only for few more years. Why not. But that looks ugly and wrong.

  • 7

    Would you please explain to the Srilanken who pay for your flight,who pay for the hotel if you pay all these by yourself,then there is no abuse of power.if poor Srilaken tax payers paying for your trip ,then of course your father and you abuse the power.

  • 10

    He asks what is nepotism, yet his uncle was appointed Chairman of SLT, brother in Law-public relations in Ministry of defence.

    Who is he kidding here?

  • 10

    Dear Prince Daham,

    We voted for My3 to prevent these abuses.
    Now, you are trying to take us all for suckers. Please put a full-stop to this nepotism and let the deserved represent our nation at all future events.


  • 8

    Admit you took unfair advantage to get into the UN, because of your father’s position. Don’t try to justify your mistake. Next time stay away from your father’s business matters, unless it is a family holiday.

  • 8

    Hey,Dhaham, You are not visiting to your grand parents, this is a official visit as a President. It is a bad decision to take you. There are thousands of SL youths like to visit UN. ? are you not shamed to talk back. Previous regime not done these kind of stupid things,
    wasting poor SL people money. Keep quiet.

  • 8

    Time for daddy to get on national tv and address the nation!

  • 12

    So how come you were FAVOURED over any other youth?

  • 11


    Hope you read all the positive criticisms and took it in the right spirit. All I can say to you is ;

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

  • 15

    Daham Putha, You went to Rowyell College in Colombo no? How did that happen considering you’re from Polonarruwa. It happened by virtue of your Apachchi being first a member of Chandrika Madam’s cabinet and then in MR’s cabinet; the MR your Appachchi referred to as King until Loku Madam won him away to launch the palace coup?

    Everyone knows how boorish thuggish entitlement system of attitudes work negatively. So even Namal Baby was better than you. Your Facebook comments full of Malapropisms is an indication of your arrogant entitlement beliefs.

    So here is a hint putha. You want to be respected like a Prince or a Aristocrat? Ask Appachchi to get tutored by Chandrika Madam about how she raised her highly educated classy quiet children. You are no match for them or even Sajith Premedasa who behaved really well when his Thaaththa was President. Your behavior in Nilaveli and at Clubs was already noted. Rowyell college does not always produced classy well behaved people. Your behavior and attitudes cannot reflect on us when you cite Rowyell college as your alma mater. You would have been caned and had your ears boxed by Kataya and DDR etc like Anura Bandaranaike the PM’s own son was because those people had class and did not threaten teachers when their kids misbehaved. You reflect some sons of the MR “Regiment”(as you call regimes) like that Rambuks, SB, Mervyn kids. Your designer suits and your foreign education will not provide you class or classy behavior. That starts at home and from inside and it is in your Genes not your expensive jeans putha.

    Wish you the best. Get an education and learn stuff like Dr. Harsha De Silva or Eran Wickremeratne did. Then come forward PROVE your worth in industry and then come into politics without thinking you’re entitled to stuff. Rowyell College is for classy people like Ranil Wickremesinghe, Harsha and Eran. You people come in there because your parents were in politics. That has ruined Rowyell college. Do not smear our Alma-Mater’s name with boorish behaviour.

  • 8

    Daham what you did was wrong, and your father too is losing his popularity ? Because of his wrong decisions he has taken so far.
    We his voters who gave him a chance to come to this high office are thoroughly disappointed with yahapalanaya.
    When other Presidents go on official work do they take their sons and daughters along?

  • 7

    If there is one thing worse than doing something dodgy, it is trying to justify it. Such attempts are invariably clumsy and unconvincing and the result is that you end up looking even worse than before. Young Daham’s attempt to justify his attendance at the UN with the country’s official delegation, makes him look even sillier.

    If Mrs Sirisena could not go to New York there should have been need for someone else to go in her place. The young man tells us that his attendance at “the youth-led event of SDG” made him “ understand the goals which is (sic!)needed for the country to be more prosperous” Did he have to go to NY to find out what needed to be done to make the country more prosperous? If he stayed in SL and used his head he would have been able to ascertain the same information, and anyway there is no need for the SL tax payer to send him abroad for him to obtain inspiration!

    Someone once observed that it is better to keep your mouth shut and let others think that you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. It will do Daham no harm to give some thought to this advice.

    In the meantime, the one who must principally take the rap for Daham’s presence in NY with the SL delegation, is none other than the President, the professed High Priest of good governance. The man has let us down badly; very badly. And it seems that with every day that passes he is demonstrating that in so many things, he is in fact not much better than his predecessor

  • 3

    It again goes to prove that Sri Lanka are donkeys for bringing back another despot.
    Dear Son,- Namal also justified his actions, his father also justified his actions, your father will also try to justify his actions and it will go as long as there are donkeys in Sri Lanka.

    If you are educated – tell sorry this will not be repeated and tell your father also to tell the same. Again don’t do this type of stupid thing.
    Just imagine if every Head of State present at the UN had brought this children as if going on a outing, what would be the reputation of the UN.

  • 3

    You justifications proves that you are the biggest idiot, who does not deserve a place in the Sri Lankan parliament.

  • 3

    “Open your minds to this definition and take a moment to think whether this is being practiced in Sri Lanka now.”

    Daham is trapping himself by asking that because even if there is one case, and I am sure there would be many, the answer would be ‘Yes’. Right now, I am worried not about whether it is being practiced in Sri Lanka. I am worried about this specific case.

    Whatever name you give, this is something that should not have been done. It is clearly a case of nepotism and I think UN protocol has been violated by that.

    You say that your mother invited you to do that. May I remind you that this is not a family wedding. Your father has already committed nepotism by appointing your uncle to the Telecom as if there is no one more suitable. But that did not get so much international attention. This one has. People are laughing at Sri Lanka.

    Even MR did no commit such goof ups as your dad has done by taking you to the General Assembly. By that he has made us the laughing stock of our adversaries as people who trusted your father.

    We have been fooled by him. He has been just one of the 40 thieves and just wanted to get rid of the boss, Ali Baba, and become Ali Baba. He does not care a damn for principals now that he is the boss.

    We are idiots. How can we expect someone who has been with MR’s team a decade to be clean. Only the dirty could survive in that environment. Your father would have been 6 ft under, not if he lost the elections, but if he had been clean and resisted getting dirty!

    • 1

      The answer is ‘YES’ – it is nepotism. Your ONLY qualification to be there is because of your family connection – absolutely nothing else. It is a misuse of power. It is utterly disappointing to those who expected change!!

  • 1

    This is to the journalist, pl. question the President about this. Do not let any President or PM to cheat the tax paying citizens.

    And to others use the social media to disapprove this sort of behaviour.

  • 1

    Please note, the appropriate western suit attire would require a Dark Blue or Charcoal or black suit not a suit from Miami Vice or from a Disco. I know you are trying hard. Do good Putha. Do good please. Do not think you will be there forever as President’s son. Elections come and people win and lose gracefully. So do not get carried away. Look what happened to your Appachchi’s former hero that he worshipped and idolized as a King; He is now a lonely MP and his sons are sort of marooned. But Namal Baba also learnt his lesson and ate humble pie. Do good Son; do good. May you follow Buddhist principles of compassion and tolerance and non-violence.

  • 1

    Dear Daham
    I do hope you do read all the comments on this web as well as all others to know how people have condemned your actions and how unpopular you have got. No one likes your justification as we only voted for your father. I don’t think you would have got even your fathers vote if you contested the last election. Having just grafuated means nothing to most only your uneducated friends will recognise you for your BSC so go get a job just like your father and every one else did and follow the system of the world. The destination of the shortcut you are taking is a big hole where three others who had the same thoughts as you have reached.
    In short please mind your own business and leave our country alone or else we will get rid of your father soon. It only takes a visit to the poling booth.

  • 1

    I don’t think this brat is capable of understanding any more than this.
    [Edited out]

  • 3

    So… UN invitations are indefinitely extendable? If Wife cant go then the son can, if the son cant go, then the niece… the uncle, the cousin, the sister in law, and the neighbor… oh and the brother? Oops… speaking of nepotism, who is the current chairman of the Sri Lanka telecom? What are his qualifications and experience for the position, when was he appointed, why was he appointed when he was appointed (what was the rush?), and what are the grounds? Terminally sick of this BS…

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