17 April, 2024


Sri Lankan Riots Claim Fourth Victim; Not A Single Arrest Made Yet

A 58 year old guard of a farm in an adjoining area to Welipanna was flogged to death last night, by a mob who had stormed the premises.

Initial reports said that the deceased was a Tamil who the mob had mistaken to be a Muslim.

Police confirmed that the death had occurred last night ” after being assaulted by a mob”.

No arrests have been made in connection with the murder or the riots.

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Aluthgama riots house

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Latest comments

  • 19

    Gotabaya Rajapaksa is responsible for promoting and protecting the BBS and it is hence that there have been no arrests. How can you expect the greatest perpetrator of crime and violence in Lanka – Gotabaya Rajapaksa – to arrest his own goons?

  • 7

    The Sinhala Modayas are the victims of the Muslims – this is the MYTH that is perpetuated by Gota and his goons… This is the MYTH that the media perpetuates – Ceylon Today and Daily Mirror.

    This is indeed the parallel universe of Buddhism gone mad. Muslims have died including a baby killed by a Buddhist sword and Muslim property is burning, but hey it is the murderous criminal Buddhist Monks who are the victims!

    The Lies the Sinhala Modayas believe in their Miracle of Asia!

    • 6

      This pogrom is the outcome of the TOTAL FAILURE of reconcilliation – 5 years after the war ended. The stupid Muslims should support the UN HRC probe on war crimes in Sri Lanka, rather than support the Mahinda Rajapakse regime.

      The role of appeasing the murderous regime of Mahinda Rajapakse played by Muslims politicians is the reason that the BBS has got so much impunity. No one has yet been arrested and charged for attacks against Muslims even though Hakim is Minister of Justice. Why? Why is he blocking the DUE PROCESS?
      Muslims have been denied due process by their own leaders who are as much to blame and the murderous Rajapaksa brothers and their Chaos specialists..

      Time for the shameless Rauf hakeem and his Muslim peretheyas who support Mahinda and Gotabaya Jarapassa to resign.

      • 2

        The stupid Muslims should have backed the right horse. They sided with the Sinhala Governments during the LTTE hayday prompting VP to banish them from Jaffna. If the Muslims had backed LTTE the Sinhala Buddhist fascists will be cowing behind their mother’s saripota today instead of killing and raping Muslims.

    • 1


      You are right.

      It is no different to the Nazi style of hate mongering. All ills the Germans faced were the doing of the Jews.

      The Sinhalayas are modayas indeed.

  • 2

    So far only 4? can’t be satisfied at all after getting Grease Piya’s and Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi’s blessings and Protection from Police and STF. Gaanu 5 Bebadu nanasara should have done much better to keep the Grease Piya and Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi happy. They will be happy only with more and more killings. With all these resources, Facilities Gaanu 5 Bebadu Nanasara should have turned Aluthgama and Dharga Town to another “Nandikadal” by killing more and more in the name of Religion and Jaathi Aalaya. He should’t have worried at all about the outcome as we have International Conspiracy Account to credit the results. If Gaanu 5 Bebadu Nanasara failed again, next time Job will be Given to Mr. Iththakanda who will do a better job with power from Rawana.

  • 2

    Can Muslims go to this extent ?
    They have killed the innocent Tamil man and set fire to this, and now to say it done by BBS and Sinhalese.

    BBS and Sinhalese have lot more work to do than killing these uneducated, un cultured, blood sucking, smelly Muslims.

    • 2

      We will start the SL Muslim Diaspora and show BBS and the government (who is supporting this) that what we are capable of. Obviously it is going to be much bigger than Tamil Diaspora, with the support of Muslim countries. BBS, you better mind your words and actions.

      you stupid peace lover better change your name.

      • 1

        Oh… I will change my name to Allah or Mohomad.. that give the idea “Devil” or “blood sucker”

        Shut up and go to hell

        we are not worried about ur dam diaspora u camel smelly barbaric.

    • 1

      You are no Peace Lover, but a piece of s..t. It is too late to try and distort the truth when it is all in black and white and the whole world knows who did what to whom. You are only fooling yourself. Already A.I.G. is closing and withdrawing its staff from SL. Australia has issued a travel advisory against Sri Lanka, UN General Sec. has issued notice that violence must stop, the new replacement for Navi Pillai is Prince Reza – a Muslim, worldwide condemnation from all of the Muslim countries already taking shape, the BBS (so called Buddhist Monks, more like Buddhist terrorists) and the government of Sri Lanka has blood on its hands – no it is murder on its hands, President playing games with the intelligence of its people, tweeting messages of tough action, and not even making a call to the IGP directly and giving strict instructions to halt the violence. We all know this is hand in glove operation to destroy Muslims or to instigate a backlash through these attacks, which can then be projected as a fight against Muslim extremism in the country, thus keep in tow with the rest of the world in its fight against Islamic terrorism. But it backfired and the local reaction thus far has been mute. Just wait and see how the Muslims around the world will react and condemn this Rajapakse ploy. There will be retribution and the perpetrators will pay dearly for this crime. We, the innocent Muslims, through no fault of ours, have received this injustice, and we will pray to our Creator Allah Almighty and ask for justice. We will see it soon – GUARANTEED.

  • 8

    An innocent man struggling to survive had been killed
    hik..hik..hik..for mistaken identity…
    now he was not a Muslim…then he was not a Tamil
    those who killed him will never be found..
    where will be the Justice for these poor people..?
    Do they have to die in that manner for beng a Muslim or a Tamil..?
    This shows the ferocity of the average Sri Lankan people..

    It is they who were in the North ….in the name of Protection
    It is they who were at the war…name Humanitarian operation
    It is they who killed Balachandran…Issipriya..
    hik..hik..hik….mistaken identity…!!!!!
    It is they who now occupy the North now
    In the name of Peace…..Protection

  • 2

    Gota wants to take power with the help of the military and BBS and this is his strategy. Soon there will be an island wide riots on Muslims and Tamils and then the miltary will be deployed there will be a coup and Gota will take power. This will happen of course when Mahinda is away in some pariah country like Bolivia.

    Soon Mahinda will pay the price for defeating the LTTE, they would have gone to Aluthgama and stopped all this nonsense.

    • 3

      ‘Soon Mahinda will pay the price for defeating the LTTE, they would have gone to Aluthgama and stopped all this nonsense’

      Despite disliking the LTTE, I have to agree with Rajash. They would have sent hundreds of Tamil women and children to protect those Muslim shops, mosques and homes.

  • 4

    Careful of these Muslims, they cannot be trusted fully. As you all know how these Muslims back stabbed the Tamil Hindus and Tamil Christians. Many of the Tamils were slaughtered because these Muslims snitched them before.

  • 4

    muslim mobs have gone on rampage around durga town – mathugama road destroying houses and business establishments belonging to sinhalese.

    • 2

      Thana Kolla, are you also planning a rampage or is your statement a figment of your imagination? Get well soon! DONG.

      • 2


        “Thana Kolla, are you also planning a rampage or is your statement a figment of your imagination?”

        There a vacancies in “Rent a Mob” agency which is owned and operated by Banda.

      • 1

        buru mike, your crocodile tears only for [Edited out] muslims…

  • 1

    How could they arrest? The main culprit is in Bolivia!

    • 2

      He is taking long with his Cocaine transshipment deal – Bolvia the brightest of the lot.

  • 1


    The ‘modern secular state’ was now recognized as ‘sovereign’, and that was Shirk! (Shirk is the worship of any other than the God of Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salam). Any corruption of that worship of that one God is also Shirk. Kufr is the rejection of Truth.) The authority and law of the ‘modern secular state’ were now recognized as ‘supreme’, and that, also, was Shirk. The state had the authority to declare Halal (i.e. legal and permissible) that which the God of Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salam) had declared to be Haram (illegal and prohibited) – and it proceeded to do so – and that, also, was Shirk.

    • Power was used to oppress all those who resisted the new masters of the world;
    • Religion bereft of its internal spiritual substance suffered constant decline until society became essentially godless. The external form of religion survived in a state of such pathetic weakness that eventually men were legally permitted to marry men; No people in human history had ever previously succeeded in imposing their total control over the whole world;

    • The godless way of life caused a collapse of morals to such an extent that society descended into a state of decadence;

    • Greed and lust provoked society to self-destruction;

    • Deception was used to steal mankind’s wealth and reduce the masses of humanity to poverty. It was also used to lure mankind into copying the new godless way of life;

    It is Gog and Magog that explain the indestructible power of the ruthlessly oppressive, corrupt, decadent and essentially godless rulers of the modern world. Gog and Magog also explain the strange phenomenon of globalization in the modern world.

    The new modern secular state devised a system of electoral politics for constituting Parliament, Government and (sometimes) for electing Judges. Citizens of the secular state, regardless of their religious beliefs, voted in democratic elections. Even if the elected government were to be constituted of those who worshiped Satan himself as their Lord and Master, the principle of democratic elections required that Christians, Jews, Muslims,Buddhist or Hindus etc., who voted in such elections, were obliged to accept such a government as lawful, legitimate and authorized to rule over them. They were also obliged to submit to its authority and be obedient to it.

    • 1

      Yusuf machang, please dont talk cock.

      • 2

        Muslim’s HAVE COCKS… they dont TALK cock… hence they produce.. MONKS have cocks but cant perform, hence they dig the drainage of Abiththos… God made ADAM and EVE not ADAM and STEVE these Monks dont seem to have the carnal desires which a MAN should have.. these overfed cows dont have anything better to do than beg for food and incite violence… Gota and Mara are responsible along with the STF and the Police of the district for letting this spiral to such extent and lose lives. Sadly this 57 ur old guard was making a decent living while these PIGS called monks BEG to eat… yet he is murdered in cold blood by the blood thirsty lazy asses…

  • 1

    Tamils have 89,000 Mahaveer war widows. No pension. Nothing.

    Are the Muslims asking for it too?

  • 0

    What? Not a single arrest? Why, three or more Muslims have been arrested! Who will dare to arrest the real culprits?

    Sengodan. M

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