9 August, 2022


Sri Lanka’s Largest Muslim Owned “NOLIMIT” Panadura Currently In Flames

The flagship store of the countrys largest Muslim clothing chain “NOLIMIT” Panadura is currently in flames allegedly after a mob set fire to it early this morning.

NolimitFour fire brigade trucks are currently attempting to douse the fire, but according the eye witnesses, are failing due to the sheer magnitude of the fire.

The building situated in the Panadura town is the largest clothing store in the area and the largest NOLIMIT outlet in the country.

The clothing chain was identified and repeatedly attacked by the Bodu Bala Sena in successive speeches made by its General Secretary, Galagoda Atte Gnanasara who enjoys complete immunity from the law.


No limit fire

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    And now the government says it is a fire caused by an electric fault. Can you beat that?

  • 2

    All during the Tamil backlash by the LTTE and the events during the civil war, and all the suicide bombings and destruction of property and lives of the sinhalese by the terrorists, the majority sinhalese and buddhists were calm and never did they resort to such tactics against the innocent tamil bethren living among them. never have we seen such incidents despite many many years. but today the situation is not the same. even though the majority of the sinhalese and buddhists do not back BBS politics and are against what is happening, what is troubling is nevertheless the attacks against the muslims are infact initiated and done by sinhalese buddhists. and also against people who have done nothing to cause unrest to them. so where will this dangerous trend lead?

  • 1

    This is a wake up call for everybody including the majority Sinhala Buddhists who oppose Rajapakse’s governing of our country.

    This is a message Pres.Rajapakse sending to every one who oppose his type of rule.

    What BBS/Rawaya/JHU doing is to spread hate and false rumers against Muslims and creating communal trouble across religious and racial lines and to divide all communities. They have already done this to Tamil community.

    After making Muslim community weak, Rajapakses will go after Majority Sinhala community. First they came after my neighbour. Soon they will be after me.

    Pres Rajapakse is sending a message to all his opponents. This a wake up call to all Rajapakse opponants including Majority Sinhala community to unite to save our country including every citizen.
    Therefore everybody including all patriot politicians should unite to save our country.

    Now the Rajapakses are after Muslims, but very soon they could be after the Majority Sinhala community and politicians who oppose their dictatorial rule. It will be too late then to fight with Rajapakses. Only through unity they will be able to face Rajapakse dictators.

    Therefore this is the time for all communities both Majority and Minority to unite and help our Muslim Brothers. If they don’t do then soon Rajapakses will be after them also.

    Rajapakses are planning to divide our society on Racial and religion lines and this should be stopped soon.

    Therefore this is the time for the Majority Sinhala community including Politiciens to unite and help save our Muslim brothers and their property.This is their duty to our country.If not soon Rajapakses will be after everybody who oppose them. Organise joint protests and marches to oppose Rajapakse fanatism. Otherwise whole Sri Lanka will burn with fire.

    Hurry up and save Sri Lanka from Rajapakse/ BBS/ JHU racist fanatic dictators. Too little too late.

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    bodu bala hamuduru’s hatred speech is extremely piggish and a shame to the bhuddhism. He should have removed his siwra and given such a talk. And what type of indecent audience is that to cheer such criminal talks in public I wonder! He should be punished by the law of the country, religion and by all laws. If this allowed to continue Sri Lanka can experience another war zone for decades. we see that all over the world how wars erupt when minorities rights are oppressed. All human beings have a right to live and practice their religion. The entire universe belongs to Allah and Sri Lanka is a part of earth which Allah created and it does not belong to bodu bala or anyby else. May Almighty Allah protect all the peace loving citizens of our country. When one bug bites us we kill all bugs where ever we see. That is human nature. So Muslims be on alert not to apply this to hate all sinhalese. It was just only a hatred speech of a bias buddhist monk who has gone extremely crazy.

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    inside job to claim insurance

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    That bias, mad and foolish hamudur Gnanasara says, he used psychological tactics in his fiery speech and they have stopped violence and the Muslims to stop violence as well.” What a shameful statement! This is as if Muslims started the violence. Another news headline says, Sri Lanka police say assault monk’s wound self inflicted, charge with false claim.” What a shame for buddhism! These bananas created all the problems and accused the Muslims unjustly and burn the Muslims’ properties and took their lives and now they say the Muslims who are standing on the road losing everything not to react for all the criminal acts the so called criminal hamudurus did. What if the same thing had happened to those hamudurus’ families if they had one to call their family? They pinch the baby and rock the craddle as if nothing had happen but the baby is crying just for nothing. This is the same injustice Muslims are fighting back today all over the world. The majority suppress the minority.How foolish of them not to realise the piece of land belong to all who are born there. What an unfair world! These yellow robes bring shame for the entire buddhist community.But we know the common majority sinhalese are not like them. How will the sinhalese follow the so called hamuduru bana when the hamuduru themselves are in wrong path? It is obvious that Muslims are patient and at the same time nobody should take it for granted. Muslims are not robot or dummies they have a right to defend themselves when somebody attacks .There is a limit for everything.Those who don’t want another war should be on alert for the lies those so called monks spread. May the God who created all of us protect our country from these bad elements

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