25 May, 2022


European Union Condemns Violence Against Muslims In Sri Lanka

The European Union Delegation today condemned the outbreak of communal violence which resulted in the loss of lives and extensive damage to property in Kalutara District.

We call on Sri Lankans to exercise restraint, respect diversity and refrain from violence, working together to achieve reconciliation

We call on Sri Lankans to exercise restraint, respect diversity and refrain from violence, working together to achieve reconciliation. Photo – Mohamed Anas | Facebook

Issuing a statement the European Union Delegation  said; “EU is very alarmed by the recent violence perpetrated against Muslims community.

“Our though are with the families of the deceased and those affected by the violence. We welcome the Sri Lankan government’s assurance that it will investigate and bring to book those responsible for these incidents.

“Incitement of communal violence and hatred can only be counterproductive to Sri Lanka’s stability. We urge Sri Lankan government to ensure that rule of law is upheld. We call on Sri Lankans to exercise restraint, respect diversity and refrain from violence, working together to achieve reconciliation.”

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Latest comments

  • 3

    Oh really??
    Next BBS racist thugs will massacre Muslims in Mawanella and the killing spree spread to Badulla and the killing field goes all over Sri Lanka.
    EU keeps condemning and no action taken!!!!

    • 2

      What do you do? Just Waiting Europians to come and rescue your brothers and sisters and blame them as well?
      At least wear a black arm band to show you are against these heinous and barbaric acts and to express your support to affected people.

    • 2

      The European Union (EU) has its own anti Muslim problems to worry about. There are thousands of attacks on Muslims within the EU each year. Denmark, UK, Holland, France, Sweden have long established anti Muslim movements attacking Muslims randomly. Obama was targetted by groups labelling him as a Muslim to prevent Christians voting for him. The word Muslim in those countries is like “leprocy”. All the above countries happily bombed Muslims in the Middle East for a very long time. Oh! suddenly they are interested in the welfare of Muslims in Sri Lanka! Alarmed! at the same time they’ll be happy to supply drones to BBS loonies to keep the Muslims in check. Hypocrites!

      • 2

        lal loo

        “The word Muslim in those countries is like “leprocy”.”

        Okay you call Diaspora Tamils as toilet cleaning credit card thieves.

        How do they call Sinhala/Buddhist racists in those countries?

        I am curious.

  • 0

    Dear European Union,

    “Our though are with the families of the deceased and those affected by the violence. We welcome the Sri Lankan government’s assurance that it will investigate and bring to book those responsible for these incidents.”

    Don’y Believe these lies. The Prime Minister has already sated this is a minor incident by the Racist para-Sinhala, in the Land of Native Veddah.

    If you wan’t to have an impact,, please attach the following poster to your statements, and ex[ose the Para-Sinhala, in the Land of Native Veddah.

    News: Para Sinhala Exposed.

    What can you do? Please post Amarasiri’s poster on the Walls in the land of native Veddah.

    The Poster is given below. This is NOT copyrighted, print as many as you want, and post on walls, trees, T-shirts, Busses etc, including temples, Churches, mosques, Schools. Put footnote and say that the Earth goes around the Sun.. Not many para know that in the land of Native Veddha.

    What are the facts pertaining to Lanka? So, this is Amarasiri ‘s Poster, which Amarasiri wants on every wall in Lanka.

    Those Para who cannot live as Egalitarian members of society, in keeping with the Native Vehhah culture and Ethics, are requested to leave for their Native Land, South India, as proved by DNA analysis of the Paras.

    ENGLISH TRANSLATION of Sinhala and Tamil poster












    Lanka will be peaceful, and the Naive Veddah can live in an environmentally friendly manner. No more Para Wars. Pars, please Go, Go, Go…

    • 3

      Amare, This is becoming an overload and repetitive. It’s also boring and does not make sense, you are repeating the same stuff over and over again.
      No one is going anywhere, whether you like it or not all are staying put.

      Only people who are disappearing are the vedda’s. They are even getting electricity now.

  • 2

    While all was being said President Rajapaksa was enjoying an award for his contribution to the protection of human rights in Sri Lanka.It is strange to learn as to how much these nations know of what is happening outside their nick of the woods. Bensen

  • 0

    Muslims should not learn to eat free rice, too. They should know who is their friend is. Tamils paid heavy price and internationalized the barbaric racism going in Lanka. Muslims should pay attention to Ayoop Ashmin interview appeared in the Vidivelli, Muslim newspaper. http://www.vidivelli.lk/morecontent.php?id=3227.

    Muslim should evaluate Ayoop’s interview with the return Hakeem paid to Tamils at Geneva. Then only they can understand what kind of rogue is this Justice Minister Hakeem is. He is personally responsible for the Aluthgama. He exploited Muslims and Tamils misery to personal benefits. Hakeem should feel ashamed of him to go Geneva (Not just to sticking with Royal Government) and do improper things at improper time against Tamil.

    Canada, Australia, America, EU all came to know of Lanka problem after Tamils took their problem world wild. Now they all have are released statements against Royal Government on Aluthgama, but not Hakeem. One week ago Hakeem gave a speech that Lanka locally will find a solution it for Tamils, so that IC should not interfere. Then he called Afghan, Pakistan, and Iran like rowdy countries to complain about Aluthgama. All what he always do is wrong thing at wrong time. He does that traitor job so that he can make money from government. He worked with Pakistan to launch a heavy fight against Tamils efforts at UNHRC. Even Pakistani Specialists came to Lanka to consult how to beat the international inquiry. Now, how he is calling Pakistan to save him? He did not utter a word when Pakistan did that much damage to Tamils at Geneva. Tamils know he is the biggest Satan work against them.

    Unless you melt the gold, the impurities with it cannot be removed. Hakeem sins cannot be cleaned in this birth. He is a person sell the blood and the flesh of Tamils and Muslims to Lanka government and buys minister post for that sin money. So has to take another birth before he start to talk for Muslims.

    • 0


      I agree with you fully. Rauf Hakeem is a self-centered opportunist who puts his interests before that of the community he purports to represent. He is the exact antithesis of the late M.H.M. Ashraff. Hakeem is absolutely ineffective both as Minister of Justice and as Leader of the SLMC and is a curse on the Muslim community. He has no self-respect at all and will keep on licking Mahinda’s slippers to hold onto his position and perks for as long as he can.

  • 1

    “”We welcome the Sri Lankan government’s assurance that it will investigate and bring to book those responsible for these incidents.””

    They carried it out even before the event like the murder of British national of Arab decent.
    It seems bureaucrats from parties are now interested in how the funding for reconstruction would flow and how much they would make like Hambantota Hora on Tsunami.
    The standard war mongers are US/UK and they are in the thick of it running the island via their american national `Gooo`ta with Jewish business links- Kfir – Little Lion and more as a puppet CIA.

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